Guy Stands Behind Girl In Tiny Bikini, Didn’t Immediately Notice Her Ankle

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While picking up a few necessities at a convenience store, two girls wearing revealing bikinis caught a man’s eye, but it wasn’t because of their skimpy attire. As he waited in line behind them, he got a closer look and was absolutely disgusted by what he saw on the girl on the left.

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Despite the fact that their bikinis are probably a size too small and that they didn’t bother getting dressed before going to the neighborhood store barefoot, their scantily-clad attire revealed something else. Without the girls realizing it, the shopper behind them snapped a photo of what he saw, which later went viral.

With just one image, these sunbathing beauties became infamous for a reason that the girl on the left should personally be embarrassed about. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to be ashamed since she chose to go out, knowing what was showing. Although many onlookers probably weren’t paying attention to her ankles, the man behind her at the store took notice — and he captured it on camera to share on social media.

Guy In Line Behind Girls In Bikinis Notices An Ankle Monitor On One Girl
The photo that social media user JarJarDrinks took of an ankle-monitored bikini girl (Photo Credit: Imgur)

Not long after the shopper left the store, he uploaded the image on social media under the Imgur username JarJarDrinks. While many men wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of the girls in their bikinis, this guy’s attention was drawn to the right leg of the lady on the left.

Clamped tightly to the girl’s ankle was a monitoring device, presumably because she is under house arrest for committing a crime and isn’t supposed to leave her home without obtaining special permission. Most of us have probably never taken notice of such a device because, typically, they are worn discretely under a pants leg while the person donning the electronic monitor remains at home as a condition of their house arrest.

Guy In Line Behind Girls In Bikinis Notices An Ankle Monitor On One Girl
Ankle monitors are typically worn discretely, tucked under the leg of one’s pants. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

“Nothing adds to your summer look like a court-ordered ankle monitor…,” the site user captioned the photo that he shared online. Apparently, everyone else was just as shocked by the sight as he was since the picture quickly garnered over 96,000 views and hundreds of comments in just a few days.

While wearing the criminal tracking tool, an individual typically cannot go further than 3,000 feet from their home, according to the Law Dictionary. So, this shopper either lives really close by or she was likely arrested right after leaving the store for breaking the rules of her sentence. Also, there is the possibility that she was given a day out for good behavior, but one can only wonder since the picture doesn’t tell the whole story.

Guy In Line Behind Girls In Bikinis Notices An Ankle Monitor On One Girl
Another woman captured wearing an ankle monitor at the beach. (Photo Credit: Monique/Wikimedia Commons)

What is clear is that this girl and others like her don’t appear to be remorseful or ashamed of whatever they did to earn an ankle device since they obviously are not afraid to show it off and potentially break the rules by venturing too far from home. As seen in the image above, the bikini-wearing girl at the convenience store isn’t alone in wearing this fashion statement out and about. Apparently, another woman ventured out to the beach with her ankle monitor as well, where a photo was captured and posted to Wikimedia Commons.

These women, who have been caught with this particular “fashion accessory,” probably thought it was funny and were even working on their tans with it on so that, once it’s gone, they will be left with a reminder of where it had been placed. I’m sure it makes quite the conversation starter for these criminals. In other words, these are pictures of just how far our society has devolved, where an accessory that screams, “Hi, I’m a criminal,” is flaunted rather than hidden out of shame over being outed for their unlawful behavior.