WATCH: Groom Exposes Cheating Bride, Airs Video Of Dirty Deed

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A bride’s wedding day turned into a dramatic moment of sweet revenge for her groom, and it was all caught on video. As the guests looked on, the groom decided to air footage of the woman’s dirty deed during their wedding ceremony.

cheating bride
The video starts out showing the groom taking the stage with his cheating bride (Credit: YouTube)

Footage of a groom exposing his bride’s affair on their wedding day by playing an X-rated video of her in bed with another man left the internet in shock, the New York Post reported. Guests of the newlyweds can be seen looking on in horror as a steamy bedroom scene featuring the bride plays out from a projector at the couple’s reception in China.

The disgraced woman then throws her bouquet at her husband as he can be heard shouting, “Did you think I didn’t know about this?” Although the clip originally went viral in 2019, it was more recently shared on TikTok, where it quickly garnered almost six million views and thousands of comments from outraged viewers.

The couple turns to look at the guests as an MC addresses the crowd. (Credit: YouTube)

The couple had been together for two years and were engaged for six months before their big day, Asia One reported. “Cheating bride,” the video is captioned. It was also reported that the bride was shown in the video in a steamy bedroom scene with the groom’s brother-in-law.

Text written over the top of the footage reads, “The groom played a video of his wife cheating on him with her pregnant sister-in-law’s husband in front of everybody.” However, the groom’s act of revenge has left social media users divided.

The video starts to play behind the couple, showing the cheating bride in bed with another man. (Credit: YouTube)

Most were on the man’s side, stating the bride got what she deserved. “Best revenge – in front of all their family and friends,” one user commented. “Honesty, I am this petty and would 1000 percent do this,” another said. “Man stood there knowing the calamity he’s about to cause,” someone else wrote.

Others, however, were confused about why the man went through with the wedding. “Isn’t this at the party so doesn’t that mean they already said I do?” one person questioned. “Why’d he go through with the wedding?” another asked. Many tried to explain the move, stating it’s very hard to get deposits back from wedding venues once booked. “Maybe he found out too late and the wedding needed to be paid for regardless of whether they broke it off,” one reasoned.

cheating bride
An up-close pic from the video that allegedly shows the cheating bride with the groom’s brother-in-law (Credit: YouTube)

Another posted, “In China, the ‘reception’ is different from the wedding ceremony. These are two different things. The official wedding is a lot of paperwork at some government offices. Then later, sometimes weeks or months, you get a party. So I am guessing he got married, learned of the affair, and then decided to use the party to bust her.”

“Satisfaction people. Embarrassing her in front of everyone was probably worth it for him,” another stated. Meanwhile, others turned their attention to the bride, lambasting her for throwing her flowers at the groom. “And SHE’S the one that gets mad at the end?” one person wrote. “Not her throwing the flowers at him, the audacity,” another said.

It was also alleged that the bride “suffered domestic violence” at the hands of the groom and had sought comfort with his sister’s husband. Over time, things evolved into an illicit relationship, and once the groom found out he decided to “humiliate” his bride.

According to Chinese culture and tradition, the husband-to-be’s family is expected to pay for the costs associated with the wedding. This may be another factor that pushed the groom into taking drastic measures for his moment of revenge. Sadly, whatever the reason, no one wins in this situation. The groom may have felt he had every right to humiliate this cheating bride, but many say the best revenge is living a better life and not stooping to the level of those who harmed you.