‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ Shocked Viewers With Her Bizarre Pics

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Gina Stewart, who has been dubbed the “world’s hottest grandma,” got blasted after shocking viewers with bizarre photos she may never live down.

Gina Stewart
Gina Stewart (Credit: Screenshot)

Gina Stewart was 47 years old in 2018 when she became renowned as the “world’s hottest grandmother.” Since then, the Australian fitness guru has worked to establish herself as a model and social media influencer. However, Stewart enraged many of her followers when she uploaded what appeared to be “flawless” images of herself that made her look decades younger.

Initially, social media users attributed it to cosmetic surgery and fillers. However, the photographs were so “perfect” that many people accused the grandmother and mother of four of using some sort of photoshopping program. The truth of the matter, however, was far more bizarre than anyone had imagined.

With so much curiosity about her flawless and youthful beauty, Stewart finally revealed that several of her recent photos were created using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Gina stated to her followers, “The world is changing so rapidly, and I decided to go with the flow in creating uniqueness and also trying new cutting-edge concepts. I personally see it as harmless fun and entertainment.”

Stewart said that she enjoys being at the forefront of technological progress and that her AI alter-ego signed with a major modeling agency in Germany. “So I am now the world’s first real-world person with an AI signed to an international modeling agency,” she gushed. “They are only interested in major brands such as BMW to license my AI model to.”

Many social media users, however, were skeptical of Gina Stewart’s apparent plan to be an AI model, so they left some negative comments to let her know how they felt about it.

“If people are stupid enough to click on her site and she gets paid for it, they are fools,” wrote one commenter.

“That face is completely different to the one she started with,” another wrote.

“She wishes she was young. But she’s not. Just like Madonna,” one critic declared.

Some social media users compared it to catfishing and claimed this unachievable level of beauty would cause young girls to feel insecure about how they look.

“Great, another way people are creating a false expectation of the female body,” another unhappy viewer wrote. “No REAL woman, in person, can ever be that flawless. I feel so bad for the next generation. This is far worse than a Barbie Doll making girls insecure about their own bodies.”

Stewart informed reporters in 2019 that she was earning so much money through her social media accounts that she was able to leave her Sunshine Coast apartment and move into a luxury four-bedroom waterfront home with a pool and jacuzzi. “Now, I live a great lifestyle thanks to my beautiful fans who support me. I’ve been able to afford a $1.3 million home for myself and my daughter, I drive a Mercedes and I own two jet skis,” she said at the time.

Stewart dismisses the critics by arguing that her usage of AI has a positive impact, citing support from her male supporters.”The funny thing is, the men love it,” she said to the Daily Mail. “The AI models are glamorous, beautiful, and desirable,” she added. “I guess it’s a similar concept to superheroes; everyone loves and has a favorite superhero, they go to the movies to watch, admire, and obsess over them.”

Stewart’s online fame hasn’t come without its share of problems. In 2022, she was reportedly forced out of her residence after the paparazzi discovered where she lived. “I have been chased all around the Gold Coast, where I live in Australia, by paparazzi trying to catch me,” she said. “I don’t give out my address, and I had to move from one address because paparazzi tried to catch me outside.”

AI-generated models on social media are becoming increasingly popular, with many gaining thousands of followers who are eager to pay for additional stuff from their cybergirlfriends. Without question, AI technology is here to stay. Gina Stewart, on the other hand, might be alienating many of her admirers who supported the Australian social media celebrity because she was a real-life grandmother and not a computer-generated replica.