Granny Got Banned From Dating App, Explains Why It Happened

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Andrea Sunshine, who loves to work out and is a self-professed “cougar,” couldn’t believe it when a popular dating app banned her. However, the fitness expert does have a theory about why it happened. Do you think she’s correct?

Andrea Sunshine
Andrea Sunshine (Credit: Screenshot)

Andrea Sunshine is a personal trainer based in London. The grandmother of two catapulted to fame on Instagram, where she now has thousands of followers. “Using dating apps fit perfectly into my lifestyle because I’m not one to go out all night,” she explained. “I work out a lot and work on social media requires my attention. I know my dates through apps.”

Andrea alleged she was “banned” from dating apps because she was “too hot.” The Brazilian-born influencer suspects that her account was terminated by other people who felt rejected by her. She also stated that receiving thousands of matches played a significant role in her account being deactivated. But perhaps there is another explanation for the ban, one that is more plausible.

Andrea tried to appeal the ban a number of times and feared not having the account would cause her to lose all of her contacts. “It’s a shame. I already had a great relationship with someone I met on the apps,” she declared. Since her divorce, Andrea has enjoyed dating, perhaps a little more than the average person.

“I’ve had many one-night-stands in between relationships which didn’t last long enough,” Andrea said. “About numbers, it’s quite difficult to count exactly, but on average let’s say I dated 3-5 people a week. I dated guys and girls because I’m bisexual, so that’s around 720 on average.” Perhaps all those “connections” seemed suspicious to the dating apps and she came off as a scammer?

Andrea also made headlines after bragging about being courted by considerably younger men. The super-fit grandmother works out at the gym for up to eight hours a day and claims to be approached by men half her age. Andrea, who adheres to a rigid regimen, stated that she does not entertain men while she’s at the gym since it disrupts her workout routine.

Known to sometimes spend long hours in the gym, Andrea’s dedication to fitness has paid off. She has competed in physique contests against women half her age. “People call me a beast,” she said, adding she’s finished in the top five. “Young men have a crush on good-looking mature ladies so I get hit on all the time.”

“There’s all kind of ages, there’s even some below 25 but most are between 30-35,” she said. “I don’t like the attention. When I am on my session I hate to be disturbed.” Andrea also has no issues with her reputation as a fit grandmother. “It doesn’t bother me to be called a fitness grandma — I am in my best shape and infinitely healthy,” she added. “There is a stigma that with advancing age of women, they should only dedicate themselves to taking care of the home and family.”

Andrea said, “It’s possible to do both.” The incredibly toned grandmother claimed she adheres to a balanced diet, snacking on broccoli daily along with a ton of vegetables high in protein, occasionally hitting 3,500 calories. Even though the recommended daily calorie intake for women is only 2,000, Andrea can afford to eat significantly more because of her rigorous workout regimen.

“There’s a type of fetish about mature and muscular women for young men,” Andrea explained. Older women, she said, “have more experience and self-trust which sometimes is missing with inexperienced young ladies.” However, she doesn’t put much thought into the attraction she feels or stirs up in others. “We are, at the end of the day, instinctive beings,” Andrea mused. “Some emotions and reactions we can’t control.”

Although I applaud her dedication to fitness, Andrea could be a little more selective with her dating. Perhaps if she practiced just a little more control in her love life, she would never have been banned from the dating apps. Some things are best done in moderation.