Man Offers ‘Correction’ For Female Golfer’s Swing — Regrets It

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As a woman practiced her golf swing at the driving range, a man decided to offer her a “correction.” Much to his dismay, he was quickly made to regret his intrusion, learning the hard way that sometimes it’s better to mind your own business rather than give unsolicited assistance—and it was all caught on video.

Georgia Ball
Georgia Ball posted a video from the golf range that would quickly go viral. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After Georgia Ball recorded footage of a man attempting to correct her golf swing, she posted it online, and the video quickly gained popularity. The clip begins with Georgia taking a swing at a driving range as she records herself. Following that, we hear a man’s voice saying, “Excuse me,” as he interrupts Georgia’s golf practice by giving the woman some unwarranted and uninvited advice.

After “excusing” his intrusion, the man launched into a golf lesson, telling Georgia, “What you’re doing there, you shouldn’t be doing that.” He continues, telling the female golfer that she wasn’t using the proper technique for her swing. “You should be right through—swing and follow through—not—you’re doing too slow on the way up and then back.”

Georgia Ball was practicing her swing when a man approached her at the range to offer some “correction.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After his long-winded attempt to explain that he thought Georgia was too slow with her swing, the female golfer politely informed the stranger that she was working on a swing change. Unfortunately, the guy didn’t take the hint, interrupting Georgia again to tell her why he knew best. Explaining that he had been playing golf for over twenty years, the unnamed man continued his unwanted golf lesson, instructing Georgia to work on her follow-through.

At no point did the woman indicate that she wanted or needed his advice, and that’s likely for good reason, as the man was about to find out. After repeating that she was going through a swing change, the man insisted Georgia follow his advice to see the desired result. Seemingly attempting to humor the madness that was unfolding, Georgia smashed a golf ball, sending it flying with a perfect swing. Ironically, the man tried to take credit, saying, “See how much better that was?” But there was just one problem.

Georgia Ball is a professional golfer who has built up a cult following online. She has hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and has amassed millions of likes on TikTok by sharing both tips and tricks, as well as her golfing achievements. What’s more, she’s a golf coach with a successful golf coaching business.

I think it’s safe to assume the unnamed fellow who tried to give her a lesson isn’t a pro, and he was the one who just got schooled. Although the rest of the world didn’t see his face, he knows the footage features him, and with the video having gone viral, he’s likely quite embarrassed by his behavior—or at least he should be.

As the man tried to correct her, Georgia Ball politely tried to explain that she was working on a swing change. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although Georgia didn’t immediately put this guy in his place, taking the high road instead, it was obvious she knew what she was doing. She made it clear with her incredible swing, but rather than seeing the signs right in front of his face, the man tried to take credit. Even as Georgia politely explained for a second time that she was going through a swing change and that all the best players in the world often go slower when they are adjusting their swing, the man simply refused to listen.

Instead, the man reiterated that he’d been playing golf for over two decades, taking credit for Georgia’s swing a second time. “See how much better that one was then? Keep doing that anyway, okay?” he instructed Georgia. Proving she has the patience of a saint, the pro golfer simply laughed instead of humiliating the guy and making him eat his words. However, that is exactly what happened when Georgia posted the video online, where it quickly went viral as people expressed their outrage over his audacity.

Georgia Ball
Georgia Ball remained calm as the man continued to offer her unsolicited advice, not knowing she was a pro golfer and successful golf coach. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Many referred to the man’s actions as “mansplaining,” saying it was a textbook example. Others chimed in to say his actions were “embarrassing” and “awkward,” with another suggesting the man was behaving oddly because his “ego” was hurt, the NY Post reported. Yet another sympathized with Georgia, writing, “So glad you posted this because it is my BIGGEST frustration when I’m at the driving range. Unfortunately, men always feel the need to comment on my swing or want to coach me. Guys take note: Please don’t.”

While it could be seen as admirable that a stranger would want to help another golfer, the problem here is that this guy simply wouldn’t give up, even when anyone with eyeballs could see this woman had things under control. You don’t have to know that she is a golf pro to conclude that she knew what she was doing. What’s more, his “polite advice” became a rude interruption when he insisted on cutting her off as she kindly tried to save him from further humiliating himself. As the footage continues to be shared, I think it’s safe to say he learned the hard way and regretted his intrusion. Now, he serves as a reminder to other guys of what not to do.