VIDEO: Cocky Guy Flexes In Front Of Fit Woman, Gets Humiliated

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A cocky guy was captured on camera as he flexed, obviously thinking his display of muscle was impressive and likely hoping to impress the girls behind him. Instead, he was left him mortified as he was humiliated on video.

The Flex Cam pans the audience (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“Flex Cam” — think  Kiss Cam, only better. We’ve all seen the embarrassing displays provided by the “Kiss Cam” at sporting events. It’s definitely made for some awkward moments when an entire stadium encourages two people to grope one another. These Kiss Cam moments live on in infamy after threatening more than a few relationships.

With the controversy created, as the Kiss Cam pressures participants to display affection very publicly that they might not be comfortable with, some stadiums have decided to do away with them. However, the Flex Cam that took their place can leave fans just as humiliated. One confident fan learned this the hard way when he thought his body was something worthy of applause.

Flex Cam: Guy Flexes Muscles In Front Of Woman, Gets Humiliated
The Flex Cam captures a guy who’s eager to show off his guns (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Flex Cam: Guy Flexes Muscles In Front Of Woman, Gets Humiliated
As he shows off his guns, he seems blissfully unaware of what’s about to happen behind him. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

After the “Flex Cam” took the place of the traditional “Kiss Cam,” a man was greeted with an opportunity to show off his guns. Appearing all too eager and likely hoping to impress the ladies behind him, he gladly met the call when the spotlight shone on him, encouraging him to show off his muscles. One would think the Flex Cam would be much more fun for everyone, without the embarrassing pressure to get physical with the fan in the next seat, but this guy was about to regret thinking he had something to brag about.

As the Flex Cam started, people jumped to their feet, eager to flex for the camera. The camera cut from one section of the stands to another when it finally landed on a beefy guy in a tight t-shirt who happened to be sitting in front of two attractive young women. Initially, he seemed very excited to show off for the audience. He jumped to his feet and assumed a couple different body-builder poses. Then, a dose of humility hit him in the face from an unlikely source.

You could tell by his expressions that he really thought he was “the man.” Unfortunately for him, “the woman” was right behind him. As viewers watched the guy put on quite a show, hamming it up for the camera, the pretty brunette who had been sitting quietly amused behind him, stood up, stripped off her jacket, and put him to shame.

Wearing just a tank-top after stripping away the long-sleeves that hid her secret, she put her arms up and flexed her muscles, blowing everyone away. It was quickly clear to everyone watching that, if the woman wasn’t a professional bodybuilder, she was a high-ranking amateur who had spent a lot of time in the gym.

Flex Cam: Guy Flexes Muscles In Front Of Woman, Gets Humiliated
The woman’s guns put his to shame (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is this?” the excited announcer yelled as he watched the woman whipping the jacket off. “Oh my goodness!!” he shouted as her biceps bulged. “Holy Moly!! You been stoned, my brother!” he added as he laughed at the tough guy’s embarrassing misfortune who turned around to see that the woman’s muscles were bigger and better than his.

He looked up at her stunned before turning around and taking his seat with a look of defeat on his face as he leaned his chin on his hand. He knew he had been out-gunned, but the bountiful bicep beauty wasn’t done. She playfully leaned over him and flexed, celebrating her victorious moment and making sure he was well aware he had been beaten at his own game.

Flex Cam: Guy Flexes Muscles In Front Of Woman, Gets Humiliated
The body-building beauty enjoys her victory (Photo Credit: YouTube)

All the guy could do is smile, knowing he had met his match, but things aren’t always as they appear. There’s a reason he doesn’t seem to mind being beaten by this woman, in particular, all that much. As it turns out, the moment was staged. The man in the video is Micah Macbeth, a strength and conditioning coach. The woman showing off her muscles is his fiancee Anne Marie Aponte, according to NBC. But, Macbeth is adamant that his reaction was genuine. “That wasn’t an act,” he said. “I’ve never seen her flex before, and when I saw her do it, I was very impressed.”

It’s still the kind of clip you want to watch more than once so that you take time to appreciate not only the woman’s muscles and the expression on the guy’s face when he realizes he’s been put to shame but also to catch a glimpse of the reactions on the faces of those around them. The expressions were priceless, and so is the lesson learned. You might think you are the biggest and baddest around, but there’s always someone bigger. You better be careful because they could be right behind you, all too eager to feed you a big helping of humble pie. What’s more, they might even be your better half.