Man Picks Up Woman At Bar, Takes Her Home — Big Mistake!

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A man likely thought he was about to get lucky when he picked up an attractive woman and brought her back to his place. Unfortunately, the night wouldn’t go as he had likely hoped. Instead, he’d realize he had made a very big, very costly mistake after it was already too late. Now, his story is serving as a cautionary tale.

The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

After a night out at “The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood” bar and dance club in Miami, Florida, an unnamed man returned home to downtown Miami at approximately 5:30 am with a woman he had met at the club that night. The two settled in for a drink, and before the guy knew what hit him, he was calling the cops, begging for help.

According to the Miami Police Department, after inviting the unidentified woman back to his pad, the man woke up around noon only to realize that the woman was long gone — along with about $600,000 worth of his belongings. He called the cops, and the Miami Police were dispatched to the 800 block of Northeast First Avenue in reference to the theft, WSNV reported.

The man and woman arriving at the man’s apartment building after meeting at “The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Dirty Rabbit Wynwood
A closeup of the woman the man met at “The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim who stated he had arrived at his residence at approximately 5:30 a.m. with a female that he met at “The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood” earlier that night. After having one drink with the female at his apartment, he quickly passed out and stayed asleep until around noon when he woke up to find his safe open and his jewelry gone, as well as the woman.

“And he was having some drinks, met this lady, and said, ‘Hey, let’s go back to my apartment,'” Miami Police Officer Michael Vega said. “She offered to pour him a drink, he begins to sip on his drink, and about three sips in, he falls asleep,” Vega said.

According to the NY Post, the woman, who has since been accused of drugging her Miami date, made off with more than $600,000 in jewelry, which included two Rolex watches. It is believed that she had drugged the victim’s drink, which caused him to quickly pass out. With the man incapacitated, the woman figuratively “cleaned house,” snatching up the man’s valuables.

“His safe is opened, all his jewelry is gone, and the female is nowhere to be seen,” Vega said.

Dirty Rabbit Wynwood
The alleged suspect, who the victim met at “The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After being alerted to the alleged theft, authorities obtained surveillance footage from the man’s residence, which captured the female suspect, who’s believed to be in her mid-30s, in the elevator with the man inside his building as the pair arrived at the victim’s residence. It also captured the woman when she left the apartment, and police spotted something peculiar in her hands.

While making her hasty exit, the suspect is seen holding two blue Solo cups in one hand, and there was a very good reason she made sure to grab those cups, according to police. They were evidence of her crime, authorities believe.

“Now sometimes you might say, ‘Oh, well she’s just leaving with a Solo cup.’ No. She’s taking the Solo cup that she drank because it has her DNA. She’s taking his Solo cup because it has not only his DNA, but it also has whatever drugs she put in,” explained Officer Michael Vega, an MPD spokesman.

A Rolex Daytona Rainbow with diamonds and a Sky-Dweller Rolex were reportedly the two high-priced watches that the woman managed to swipe. Other pricey items she was accused of stealing include a gold chain, Franco Gold bracelets, Cartier sunglasses, and a rose gold diamond ring, police said. Authorities have since issued a warning for the late-night party crowd.

“We always say, be careful, do not take strangers home, and here we have it again,” Vega said.

It is indeed always a gamble to invite a stranger into your home, especially after a night of drinking. You never know what might happen once you put yourself in such a vulnerable situation. In this case, a man was missing valuable belongings, but it could have been much worse. Let this serve as a cautionary tale. Today’s “hook-up culture” comes with its risks — and you might wake up with huge regrets.