Woman Sentenced For Recording Sexual Abuse Of Boyfriend As He Died

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In a case of unimaginable depravity, a woman recorded herself sexually abusing her boyfriend as he died. That video footage would lead to her arrest. She’s since learned her fate, having received her sentence for the grotesque crime. Did she get what she deserved?

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Megan Anne Walthall, a 32-year-old woman from Fredericksburg, Virginia, found herself in a world of trouble after losing her boyfriend to a drug overdose. Although Walthall eventually called 911, it’s what she did beforehand that led to her arrest and also resulted in a jail sentence. Not only did she sexually abuse her boyfriend as he died, but she also recorded the ordeal, which she would soon realize was a big mistake.

According to prosecutors, Walthall called 911 to report that her boyfriend, Brandon Dye, was unresponsive. First responders rushed to the scene and raced Dye to Mary Washington Hospital. Sadly, it was too little, too late. Dye was pronounced dead at the hospital from what was later determined to be a heroin overdose, according to the Roanoke Times.

Megan Anne Walthall
Mary Washington Hospital (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

While investigating Dye’s untimely demise, officers recovered drugs, paraphernalia, and a video from the residence. It was the latter that would land Walthall in hot water. In the footage, which was recorded by Walthall as her boyfriend was dying from the overdose, the woman was seen sexually abusing the man in his final moments.

Adding insult to injury, Walthall seemed to enjoy it, laughing as Dye passed away. In all, Walthall waited at least 45 minutes before she called 911 for help as she laughed and sexually abused the dying man. The delay likely led to Dye’s demise. Of course, Walthall’s attorney attempted to defend her client’s actions, arguing that Walthall was on drugs herself at the time.

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The defense also alleged that Walthall made the tape to show Dye later in hopes of getting him to quit using drugs. “It was done stupidly and wrongly, but there was no malice,” attorney Price Koch argued, according to the NY Post. He also pointed out that Walthall repeatedly told Dye to “get up” and used ineffective methods such as pouring water on him and shaking him in attempts to rouse him.

Prosecutor Sandra Park rejected Koch’s argument, saying that the delay in calling for help was inexcusable and that the “level of depravity” depicted in the video merited years in prison. In addition, an emergency room physician would have testified that Dye might have survived if he had received immediate medical attention.

Megan Anne Walthall
Megan Anne Walthall (Photo Credit: Rappahannock Regional Jail)

After pleading guilty to abusing an incapacitated adult, sexual battery, and two counts of possessing illegal drugs, Megan Anne Walthall was sentenced to 16 years in prison for recording herself laughing and sexually abusing her boyfriend as he died from a drug overdose. But, here’s the real kicker: The second drug charge stemmed from another incident that took place months after Dye’s death.

Five months after losing her boyfriend, Walthall gave another man drugs that caused him to also overdose at Newton’s Motel, a motel in Stafford. “That victim recovered and later told police he’d gotten drugs from Walthall and used them with her,” the Times reported, but that’s not all.

Newton’s Motel (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

After the overdose, Walthall told a friend about it, and the friend told her father before someone finally called for help for the victim. Walthall admitted to removing the needle and heroin from the victim’s room and hiding it in the friend’s room. Let that sink in. If you felt any empathy for Megan Anne Walthall, it should be gone now.

While it could be argued that she was under the influence of drugs at the time of her abhorrent behavior during her boyfriend’s death, she had to have realized what she had done after she sobered up. That didn’t stop her from leading another to an overdose, though, and once again delaying a call for help in hopes of saving herself from the consequences of her actions. Sadly, this is what drug addicts and dealers do. They don’t care who they hurt, and they should have the book thrown at them for it.