Muslim Dad Joins Christian Parents, Confronts School Board Over Books

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After a school district distributed sexually explicit books to students, outraged parents confronted the school board. The meeting erupted in thunderous applause when a Muslim dad took the board members to task.

Dearborn Public School Board
Tensions came to a head as parents confronted the Dearborn Public School Board over their approval of sexually explicit library books. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A meeting hall exploded with shouting and cheering as a community confronted district members over their approval of inappropriate library books for students. Hundreds packed the room in hopes of taking turns lambasting the Dearborn Public School Board concerning sexually explicit literature available to children.

Both Christian and Muslim parents united against the school board in a fiery clash. However, one part of the meeting that particularly stood out occurred when a Muslim father stepped up to the podium.

Dearborn Public School Board
A Muslim father exposed the obscene material and vowed to not rest until every last one of the Dearborn Public School Board members is “removed from the board.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

First, the father made the distinction that he doesn’t hold the teachers responsible for the decisions made by the district, The Blaze reports.

“I want to first start out by saying one thing. Any of the teachers that are here, our beef is not with you. Our beef is with you,” said the protester, pointing at the assembled school board.

The angry dad then read an excerpt from one of the books available to students. In the passage, the writer explains to readers how using “sex apps” can help people hook up for “casual sex.”

“Does anybody need a college education or a Ph.D. to know that this book is not appropriate for kids?” he asked. “This is strictly just common sense, guys. How did we get to this point?”

The dad went on to reveal that he and other parents who complained at the last school board meeting were “viciously attacked” online and in their workplaces.

“We were viciously attacked [on] social media and beyond social media even. People like me — people are trying to get me fired from work,” he stated. “They are attacking us while at the same time playing the victim. And all along, all you guys are silent. What exactly are you doing?”

The father concluded his speech by reminding the school board that he is speaking for the majority of parents in Dearborn and that they won’t rest until every last one of the members is ousted from their positions.

“So let me say this,” he added. “I have faith in the great people of Dearborn, okay? The vast majority of people in Dearborn agree with us. We are a compassionate people. We are a tolerant people. We are a faithful people, and at the same time, we are a courageous people. And we’re not going to give up until this issue is finally resolved, and unfortunately, it’s not going to get resolved until you guys are removed from the board.”

President Roxanne McDonald outraged parents by imposing a 3-minute speaking limit and a ban on booing. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

One school board member previously in the spotlight is Roxanne McDonald, who serves as chairwoman. She and her fellow members were confronted with chants of “vote them out” at the prior meeting. McDonald sparked accusations of “bending the rules” when she enacted a 3-minute limit for speakers.

“No one will be allowed to exceed the three-minute time rule,” said McDonald. “Each person has three minutes to convey their thoughts, and there will be no sharing of minutes. Although we have allowed this in the past, it is truly unfair, and we will no longer allow anyone to speak more than their allotted three minutes.”

McDonald also provoked the crowd when she banned parents from booing but allowed them to clap and cheer.

“We understand that people have differing opinions,” McDonald told the parents. “We will conduct ourselves as adults. We will not boo, we will not jeer. You can clap if you’d like, and you’ll listen to the speaker.”

The community of both Christian and Muslim parents has overwhelmingly opposed the school board and is determined to remove the board members. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

One after another, parents in the community spoke out against the overt sexualization of children happening in the public school system. Many demanded that educators stick to academics and leave talk of sexuality and morals to the family.

Parents across the nation are rising up to oppose school board members who are pushing the LGBTQ agenda and politically-charged curricula on students. Of course, if these educators can’t be removed from authority, pulling children out of their schools may be the only option.