Woman Attacks Airport Staff With Pole As Young Daughter Pleads With Her

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An entitled woman went on the rampage, terrifyingly attacking airport staff with a partition pole. However, the most disturbing moment was when her little girl made a heartbreaking plea.

Dana Pierre
After Dana Pierre missed her flight, she unleashed a violent attack at an airport with her young children a few feet away. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The incident took place at Orlando International Airport when Dana Pierre, 29, was checking in for her flight with her two children. The mother was informed that she had missed her flight back to New York City and would have to wait for the next available flight, according to the Daily Mail. It was then that the woman became belligerent and proceeded to attack employees.

Airports are one of the most stressful places for both patrons and employees alike. So, when the dissatisfied customer was told that she wouldn’t be granted special privilege, she reached a boiling point that left staff members fleeing for their safety.

Dana Pierre
Dana Pierre, 29, was arrested after attacking airport staff with a partition pole and computer keyboards. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

In a video recorded by a witness, Pierre unleashed a foul tirade, cursing at the airline staff and storming behind the counter. She charged manager Berenit Sierra, who pushed the irate woman backward. In an effort to stop the attack, employee Nidia Vargas pepper sprayed the woman to no avail. Pierre then grabbed keyboards and other equipment, throwing them to the ground and even hurling some at workers.

One of the employees then threatened Pierre and told her that she would “knock you the f*** out in front of your kids.”

The mother then walked away and told her son to look after her daughter because “I am going to f*** up this b****.”

The most disturbing element of the incident is that the event took place in front of Pierre’s crying children, particularly her distraught daughter. The child could be heard screaming through sobs, pleading with her mother to stop the destruction because she doesn’t want her to be arrested, the Miami Herald reports.

“Mommy!” the hysterical girl yelled, “I don’t want you to go to jail!”


Pierre heartlessly ignored her daughter’s cries, telling her son to watch his little sister so that she can continue the attack. The mother then returned to the counter, picked up a partition pole, and lunged toward the employees. Luckily, employee William Rijo managed to snatch away the barrier from her hands before she yanked up another keyboard.

An airport security police officer arrived just in time, grabbing Pierre by the arm and whisking her away as her crying children followed closely behind. The officer was heard repeatedly asking the mother, “What is wrong with you?” as she is finally led away.

Dana Pierre’s daughter paces back and forth pleading for her to stop so that she doesn’t go to jail. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Pierre was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, according to the Orlando Police Department. Her children were placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Families while she awaited her bail hearing.

A week after her arrest, Pierre made a Facebook post seemingly expressing embarrassment over her actions and claiming that she is “trying to find help” for her anger issue.

A week after the incident, Dana Pierre made a Facebook post claiming that she’s “trying to get help” for her anger issue. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

As outrageous as Pierre’s sense of entitlement is, it’s even more disturbing to see her lack of care for her children’s physical and emotional wellbeing. As they are pleading with their mother to refrain from violence, the woman ignores and eventually abandons them, burdening her son with the responsibility of looking after his sister so that she can continue her rampage.

It’s disheartening to see young children with more sense than their parents. Sadly, the one person they should be able to trust for stability and safety is more concerned about throwing a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way than sparing her children from the trauma of their mother being led away in handcuffs.