Dan Bongino: ‘Kamala Harris Fails Beyond Belief…Don’t Laugh’

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Dan Bongino claimed people may have missed this “laugh out loud” moment of Kamala Harris that he called “a fail beyond belief.” The Fox News host said he was bringing a “little bit of comic relief” as one foreign TV anchor called Harris a “cackling nincompoop.”

Dan Bongino (Credit: YouTube)

Dan Bongino claimed he couldn’t help but share with his audience a few moments of “comic relief” involving Kamala Harris. The first instance he covered was a quick clip of Harris during an interview. “Here’s the great Kamala Harris, Joe,” Bongino said to his producer. “A legend. One of the greatest orators of our time. I mean a gifted public speaker of the likes we haven’t seen since, gosh, Plato or Socrates….don’t laugh too hard.”

“I mean just a gifted orator,” Bongino added as he was introducing the video clip. “Here’s Kamala Harris, um this is hilarious, explaining…Look, I’m actually starting to believe, some people say Pete Buttigieg…no one says less by saying more…I’m actually starting to believe that’s Kamala Harris. She may take the title. No one says less by saying more than Kamala Harris…Here’s Kamala Harris on inflation.”

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris (Credit: Screenshot)

“They’re still putting that anger with the administration [about inflation],” the interviewer said to Harris. “What do you say to them?” The vice president responded through a black face mask. “Well, first of all, I acknowledge what I must acknowledge,” she declared. “The prices are going up. And that people are working hard. And in many cases, they’re worried whether they can get through the end of the month. And make it all work.”

Bongino comes back from that clip laughing out loud. “Joe, she’s…’I acknowledge what I must acknowledge. That prices are going up, and food costs more.'” Bongino said. “Wow, very inspiring. I mean… it’s up there with the Gettysburg Address. I mean who explains it better than that? ‘I acknowledge that I must acknowledge that prices are going up.’ That changes everything. It changes everything, Kamala Harris. Thanks!”

In another clip of Kamala Harris, Bongino was struck by the editorial of Sky News anchor Rita Panahi. “Did you see this?” Bongino asked. “This is a little bit of comic relief, but it’s serious stuff too. Sky News overseas had this editorialist on who just laced into Kamala Harris like I haven’t seen in a long time. Especially here where most of our domestic media are scared to do that. This is a dressing down I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Rita Panahi didn’t hold back. “To the cackling nincompoop who is a heartbeat away from the presidency,” Panahi starts off. “The incomprehensible incapable Kamala Harris. Her wretched performance this week has cemented her place as the worst vice president in U.S. history. And my word, they’ve had a few doozies—one who shot a Founding Father and one who can’t spell potato—but Dan Quayle is a genius next to Kamala Harris.”

Dan Bongino (left) introduces an editorial report by Sky News anchor Rita Panahi (right) (Credit: Screenshot)

“After a cringeworthy performance in recent weeks she had an opportunity to redeem herself,” Panahi added. “During a vitally important trip…the White House said her visit would demonstrate the strength and unity of the NATO alliance. What it did was demonstrate the utter ineptitude of the vice president.” Panahi then showed a quick clip of Harris at the podium cackling out of control.

“You might be wondering what promoted that mad cackling during such a serious press conference,” the Sky News anchor said. “Perhaps there was a moment of lightness during such a dark time. Well, no. That embarrassing performance was prompted by a serious question about the unfolding refugee crisis….in fact former press secretary to the Ukrainian president said this about Harris after that chuckle-happy performance: ‘It would be a tragedy if this woman won the presidency.’ The real fear is this woman will be installed president if Biden’s health fails more.”

Dan Bongino continued sharing his thoughts about Sky News anchor Rita Panahi. “That’s one of those ‘holy crikey’ moments,” he said. “Yeah that is a dressing down like…what did she call her? A radically incompetent nincompoop? Well said. Folks, that’s how we are viewed overseas.”

Panahi also lashed out at Kamala Harris during hurricane season, claiming she engaged in “reckless race bait idiocy.” Harris said it was important to be “giving resources based on equity – understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity.” Panahi noted that Elon Musk reacted by saying: “If a hurricane hits a state we expect the government to help all those affected—black, brown, white, purple, and green.” Pahani concluded: “Whether home or abroad, you can rely on Kamala Harris to show that she is consistently and hopelessly incompetent.”