Man Buys SUV With ‘Offensive’ License Plate, Demands Replacement

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After purchasing a new SUV, a homosexual man was excited to put his new tags on the vehicle. However, once he looked at what the license plate read, he immediately went back to demand that they replace it with something less “offensive.”

Craig Lukas Homosexual Man Buys New SUV With Offensive License Plate Demands Replacement
After buying a new vehicle from a Florida dealership, one driver took offense to the license plate. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Florida resident Craig Lukas claims that he and his male partner don’t like to flaunt their sexuality to the world, despite his homosexual identity. In fact, he would prefer that his relational preference wouldn’t ever come up with anyone other than those with whom he has established a close relationship. However, thanks to a bizarre incident at an Orange County car dealership, the world is likely aware of his personal life now.

After sifting through rows shiny, new vehicles at a local dealership, Lukas and his partner ultimately settled on a brand new black Volvo, complete with luxury features. Upon finalizing the paperwork for their purchase, the pair were ready to drive off from the lot. Unfortunately, once they saw their new license plate, they weren’t about to go anywhere.

Craig Lukas Homosexual Man Buys New SUV With Offensive License Plate Demands Replacement
Craig Lukas says that he received a “slightly offensive” letter combination on his license plate. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

According to WFTV, Lukas and his partner were shocked to see that their new plate spells out the word “GAY” on it, leaving them feeling as if their sexuality is on full display. Feeling uncomfortable with the entirely random letter combination, Lukas insisted that the dealership hunt for another plate to put on his car.

Lukas explained that he sees the plate as “slightly offensive,” adding that he and his partner “prefer to remain quiet” about their sexuality. Much to their dismay, the dealership was forced to tell the pair that they have no choice but to drive home with the bold letters on the back of their vehicle.

“He said, ‘Let me see what I can do, Craig.’ He said, ‘I’m sorry. I think every plate we have has the word ‘gay’ on it,'” Lukas explained.

As a homosexual man who “prefers to remain quiet” about his sexuality, Craig Lukas was shocked that the plate reads “GAY.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Lukas and his partner were left with no other choice but to be on their way. However, he told reporters that he refuses to drive around with the license plate and has left the new car locked away in the garage ever since its purchase. Instead, he plans to exchange the plate for another letter combination, according to the Advocate.

“There are plenty of combinations out there the state could have used,” Lukas told WFTV, which reports that he thinks the license plates are “slightly offensive” and that the state of Florida should have been “more sensitive.” “Definitely an oversight on the part of the state, as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

Lukas maintains that the state should do away with all “GAY” combinations in case drivers find the term offensive. He added that the department needs to “be more sensitive” to the feelings of those who may or may not identify as LGBTQ by banning the word.

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has agreed to exchange Craig Lukas’ plate for another letter combination. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Unfortunately for Lukas, the Tax Collectors Office has no plan for banning the supposedly offensive term from being printed on license plates. In fact, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reportedly sees nothing wrong with the word and confirmed that they have a series of plates, which run from “GAYA01” to “GAYW35” that are currently in circulation.

Luckily, the department is willing to remedy the situation for Lukas. A spokesperson explained that if he brings in the plates, they can easily exchange them out for a combination that he finds more reasonable.

Craig Lukas Homosexual Man Buys New SUV With Offensive License Plate Demands Replacement
Until he can exchange his plate, Craig Lukas’ Volvo remains locked away in his garage. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Lukas confirmed that he plans to bring in his unsatisfactory plate and swap it out for a new one. However, he still hopes that the state will do away with the combination, which he and his partner find somewhat vulgar.

Perhaps the most unfortunate aspect of Lukas’ purchase is that no one would’ve actually known about his sexuality until he went to the media with his complaint. Now, regardless of what letter combination he receives, his personal life is now plastered across the internet.