Woke White Professor Fired After Black Students Accuse Him Of Racism

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Students say a professor at a New York university liked to act like a “white savior” to his minority pupils. However, his heroism was short-lived due to black students complaining that his behavior in the classroom was downright racist.

A Fordham University professor was fired after accusations of racism were lodged against him. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Despite his best effort as an anti-racist activist, former English professor Christopher Trogan of Fordham University says he was sabotaged by his minority students. Contrarily, his students claim that the lecturer wasn’t the”white savior” he portrayed himself to be. They say he was actually patronizing and racist.

Trogan was fired from his position after two of his students complained that he had exhibited racist behavior. The students in question say the incident came to a head when they arrived at their Composition II class late while Trogan was giving a lecture.

Christopher Trogan
Christopher Trogan (right), who says he’s dedicated his “entire life” to social justice for minorities, became a victim of his own agenda. (Photo Credit: Provided)

According to the Fordham Observer, the students say that Trogan mixed up their names, confusing them for one another because they are black. The students complained to their professor, calling him out for assuming that all black people look alike. The students say this began to be a regular occurrence.

“I felt really disrespected,” one unnamed student said. “I did not feel heard because every time he (misnamed me) I would tell him, and it just seemed like he would brush it off or that he did not care.”

Trogan blamed his “confused brain” for the “innocent mistake,” adding that he apologized to the students. However, he rejected their accusation of racism, denying that the issue had anything to do with them both being black. Fearing the mere accusation of bigotry, Trogan immediately sent out an email to all 80 students, hailing himself as having devoted his “entire life” to social justice for minorities.

“The offended student assumed my mistake was because I confused that student with another Black student,” Trogan said in his email to students. “I have done my best to validate and reassure the offended student that I made a simple, human, error. It has nothing to do with race.”

The students say the misnaming was a common occurrence along with other veiled racist behavior. (Photo Credit: James Eades via Unsplash)

Once Trogan went public with the incident, the second student involved in the incident came forward. Hoping to set the record straight, Chantel Sims insists that it was the professor’s response to the student body and not the misnaming that is the real problem. She accused Trogan of having a white savior complex, pointing to the fact that he boasted of “everything he has done for minorities.”

“It seemed a little excessive, like all you needed to do was say sorry and it would have been fine,” she said. “We were not actually that upset about him mixing up our names. It was more so the random things he would throw into the response.”

Trogan ended the email by promising to quit his job if the students feel like he discriminated against them. Much to his surprise, they took him up on his offer. Two days after the incident, he was placed on immediate suspension while the university investigated his actions.

Christopher Trogan
After promising students that he would step down if they thought he discriminated against them, Christopher Trogan was fired. (Photo Credit: John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

A few weeks later, the university determined that Trogan had not shown “proper development” during the initial conversation with the students. Just one month after beginning his career as an adjunct professor at the university, Trogan was fired.

“Their team of lawyers may now even come after me — even after my termination — with threats and charges against me personally and professionally for sending this to you, but I will deal with those when they come,” he wrote to his former students.

The students aren’t the only ones who’ve recognized Trogan’s impulsive behavior. A faculty member told the Observer that he is “very good at stirring up energy around him but not very mindful of the consequences, for himself or others.”

Christopher Trogan expressed fear that the university may also pursue legal action against him for continuing to contact students about the incident. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

Christopher Trogan was worried that the university may pursue legal action against him. The event has, in his mind, validated his feeling of persecution, bolstering his dedication to activism.

Of course, the theme of the story isn’t one of oppression and injustice but the woke left eating its own. Trogan participated in the feeding of crocodiles, unaware that it was only a matter of time before he was on the menu.