VIDEO: Robber Pulls Out Gun, Employee Quickly Makes Him Run Away

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Hoping to commit a robbery at a car lot in Texas, a man pulled out a gun after following an employee inside the office. However, he stopped dead in his tracks, put away his firearm, and hastily left as the employee quickly changed his mind.

When a suspect attempted to rob a car lot in Houston, he saw something that gave him a change of heart. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A run-in with a dangerous criminal can happen at any moment. This is why nearly half of all American citizens live in a household with at least one firearm. When waiting for the police to arrive can mean the difference between life and death, self-defense is a top priority. Of course, this proverb isn’t exclusive to the home.

A car lot employee received an unexpected surprise when a man entered the business’s office, asking to test drive one of the vehicles. It wasn’t until the employee turned around to face the customer that he realized it wouldn’t be an ordinary sale.

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The suspect pulled up his shirt to reveal a gun secured to his chest by a red bandana. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Security cameras in the parking lot and office capture the moment the would-be robber walked up to a car dealership in Houston with the intent to steal a vehicle, KWTX reported. The man, who wasn’t immediately identified, walked up to the building with the employee. Once the pair was inside, the suspect lifted his shirt, revealing a firearm secured by a red scarf across his chest.

Despite brandishing his firearm, the suspect’s serious demeanor immediately faded into a nervous grin. Without hesitation, he then turned and headed for the door, stuffing his gun back into its hiding place before sprinting across the street. While cameras don’t capture it, the police report explained exactly what spooked the failed robber.

Houston police say that the moment the employee turned around and saw the suspect’s gun, he drew his own firearm and aimed it at the criminal. As soon as the suspect saw that the employee had a fighting chance, he refused to engage. Instead, he said “no” with a smirk and retreated without any issue.

The incident occurred at around 5 p.m. at a car dealership in the 7300-block of Gulf Freeway. Detectives say two male suspects drove into the lot in a black Mercedes sedan with temporary plates, dropping off the would-be robber. The failed robber is described as a black male, believed to be between the age of 28 and 40, 5’7″ to 5’9″ tall, and approximately 250 pounds. He was last seen wearing a gray hoodie and black pants. The driver was described as a black male.

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When the employee drew his own firearm, police say the suspect smiled, said “no,” and headed for the door. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Because the employee was well-armed, he not only ensured that the thief left empty-handed but, most importantly, he was able to defend himself. It’s disturbing to think of what might have taken place if the employee was unarmed. We can chalk it up to a series of crimes deterred by the legal use of a firearm.

Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens have stopped countless crimes including sexual assault, kidnapping, battery, and murder. Bad guys will always use whatever weapon they can get their hands on. However, the chances of stopping such a crime are always better when the victim is properly armed.