White Woman Disturbed By ‘Racist’ Pamphlet Left In Her Car

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A white racial justice activist was “shocked” when she discovered what she’s calling a “racist pamphlet” on the seat of her car. However, others think what’s written in the papers is entirely justified.

Brittney Burnett was disturbed by a “racist” pamphlet that was left in her car. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

There’s no shortage of virtue-signalers in major cities. So, when white Georgia resident Brittney Burnett wanted to let her black neighbors know she’s a social justice ally, she proudly displayed a “Black Lives Matter” sign in the front yard of her East Atlanta home. Possibly believing the sign would act as a talisman to ward off accusations of racism and white supremacy, she was shocked when confronted in another way.

After forgetting to lock her vehicle, Burnett was taken aback to find that someone had opened her car door and placed a homemade pamphlet on her seat. As she read, she came to the conclusion that the words were flagrant, unfettered racism — but not against her.

Brittney Burnett
Brittney Burnett believes she was targeted because of her “Black Lives Matter” yard sign. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The 3-page pamphlet consisted of an essay on the origins and history of slavery, an extensive list of inventions and discoveries attributed to “white people,” and statistics comparing the deaths of unarmed black men with those murdered by members of their own race.

“I was shocked,” Burnett told WAGA-TV. “I mean, it’s incredibly disturbing language on here, really hurtful and incredibly ignorant.”

Since the pamphlet addresses a black reader, Burnett believes it was placed in her car because of the Black Lives Matter sign on her lawn.

“It’s clearly not someone we know personally because we spend a lot of time in our front yard, and it’s written directed at a Black family specifically,” Burnett said. “So they don’t know we are not a Black family. I’m just glad it came to us and not someone who would actually feel threatened by it and feel hurt by it. It would break my heart if one of my neighbors’ kids had found it.”

The pamphlet consisted of historical information about African slavery, innovations attributed to white people, and statistics about unarmed black men killed by the police. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

WAGA-TV was quick to dismiss the entire pamphlet due to the author’s claim that slavery originated in Africa. However, the news outlet ignored the majority of the information that is historically factual and easily verified. The essay correctly claims that black Africans were first captured and sold into slavery by their own countrymen to Muslim slave traders during the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade in the 8th century. It would be 700 years later when the first Africans were enslaved by Europeans, who were from Portugal. To this day, slavery still exists in Africa on an enormous scale.

The pamphlet also includes a list of innovations attributed to white individuals, such as “cars, airplanes, trains, jet engines, computers..” Additionally, “democratic government” and “equal rights for women and minorities” are listed in bold print. Instead of attempting to debunk them, the outlet once again brushed aside the claims.

Brittney Burnett
The list of innovations pioneered by white people included “democratic government” and “equal rights for women and minorities.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The final and most damaging information to the BLM movement was documented on the last page. “If you really think ‘Black Lives Matter,’ don’t put a sign in your yard — tell them to stop murdering each other!” the page reads. It goes on to claim that police killed 15 unarmed black men in 2019, which is actually 2 more than the Washington Post’s database confirms. The pamphlet goes on to state that 2,570 black men, women, and children were killed by other black people over the course of the same year.

Of course, Burnett didn’t address even one claim the pamphlet made. In fact, she resorted to an ad hominem attack, automatically labeling the information and the author racist.

“If I could say one thing to this person, it’s that this type of hate is not welcome here,” she said. “We have moved past this as a society, and we’re building a better world and if you don’t want to be a part of it, you can leave.”

Brittney Burnett
The pamphlet concluded with statistics of unarmed black men killed by police compared to black civilians killed by other black people. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Brittney Burnett proudly stated that she has reported the “racist” pamphlet to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. There has been no confirmation on whether an investigation was launched and what type of charges could arise.

We live in a culture in which facts are racist and even discussing ideas or information must be squashed because it could make certain people feel “threatened” and “hurt.” The sad truth is that all groups of people have done evil things to one another throughout history but it is only acceptable to demonize and excoriate one race in particular.