Woman Travels 3k Miles To Meet Online Boyfriend, Gets Murdered

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In a story that is so unbelievably gruesome that one might think it’s an urban legend, a woman traveled 3,000 miles to meet her online boyfriend, only to fall victim to an incredibly grisly murder. Sadly, she lost a lot more than her life in this cautionary tale.

Blanca Arellano
Blanca Arellano (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Blanca Arellano, a 51-year-old woman, was obviously smitten with her online boyfriend, sustaining a long-distance relationship with the man for many months. Arellano, a Mexican citizen, reportedly struck up a relationship with 37-year-old Juan Pablo Villafuerte from Peru through online video game groups, and it was only a matter of time before the lovestruck lady decided she wanted to meet her online beau after a whirlwind online courtship.

After deciding to meet Villafuerte in person, Arellano traveled 3,000 miles from her home to Peru to visit her online boyfriend. But, what should have been an amorous first meeting was anything but that. Unfortunately for Arellano, her romantic getaway took a nightmarish turn. It was only when all communications between Arellano and her family back home ceased that her loved ones began to suspect something was very wrong — but nothing could have prepared them for the grisly end they would soon realize Arellano faced.

Blanca Arellano
Blanca Arellano (Photo Credit: Twitter)

According to Blanca Arellano’s niece Karla Arellano, the victim’s family believed that her relationship with Juan Pablo Villafuerte “was going very well” until she suddenly stopped all communication with her family. Concerned, the family contacted Villafuerte, who alleged that his lover had lost interest in him and headed home, The Blaze reported. “I’m sure her phone is not working or she’s out of battery,” Villafuerte reportedly told Arellano’s niece, reassuring her that everything was fine, but she wasn’t buying it.

“He argues that on Sunday my aunt decided to return to Mexico,” Arellano’s niece wrote on Twitter, according to The Daily Beast. “They were in Huacho and she left for Lima by her own means to later go to Mexico but that has not happened.” Allegedly, Villafuerte claimed that Arellano was “bored” of the relationship and had told him that the romance was “over.” Soon, however, thanks to a fisherman, they’d know the truth.

Parts of the dismembered body of Blanca Arellano were discovered washed ashore and in the waters of the port town of Huacho, Peru (Photo Credit: YouTube)

While fishing in the port town of Huacho, Peru, a local fisherman discovered a faceless head flowing in the waters. A human arm, a finger, and an organ-less torso were also reportedly found hours later. The ringed digit, which washed ashore, tied the corpse back to Arellano, painting a horrific picture of Blanca Arellano’s grisly demise. The woman had not only been murdered, but she was also decapitated, dismembered, and had her organs harvested by her killer, according to authorities. Villafuerte, a medical student, was the prime suspect.

Investigators “carried out a luminol test to reveal latent blood stains in various areas” of Villafuerte’s home, El Pais reported. “The evidence is irrefutable: traces were found in the bathroom, the laundry room, cleaning supplies, and even on the mattress. They also found women’s clothing, some suitcases, and a Mexican flag,” the outlet added. Perhaps most shocking, Villafuerte had reportedly uploaded several videos to TikTok, featuring the dissection and analysis of human organs, including a brain and pancreas. Suspected of harvesting Arellano’s organs, Villafuerte was arrested.

“Juan Pablo Villafuerte was arrested on charges of human organs trafficking,” Peru General Attorney Zoraida Ávalos said in a statement.

Juan Pablo Villafuerte (Photo Credit: Twitter)

“We have no words to express what we are experiencing. My aunt was a kind, warm person, full of light, intelligent, dedicated, loving and that is how she should be remembered,” Arellano’s niece wrote. “We believe in Peruvian laws and we fully trust the authorities to make it happen as they have done an impeccable job so far,” she continued. “It’s time to raise your voice and ask for #JusticiaParaBlanca.”

It’s beyond tragic that a woman flew 3,000 to Peru for love, only to be murdered for her organs. While it sounds like the plot of a horror film, it’s shockingly real life, proving there are monsters among us. One can only hope that Blanca Arellano didn’t die in vain, but rather that her untimely demise can serve as a warning to others: You never know who you are really dealing with online, so before you pack up for an in-person meeting, please deploy extreme caution.