Donna D’Errico Slams Critics After Swimsuit Gets Called ‘Raunchy’

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‘Baywatch’ alum Donna D’Errico drew criticism after posting a video on social media that was quickly labeled “raunchy.” It didn’t take long for the actress to fire back, though, calling out her naysayers’ own questionable antics. Was she right? You decide.

Donna D'Errico
“Baywatch” alum Donna D’Errico (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

At 54 years old, “Baywatch” alum Donna D’Errico, who played lifeguard Donna Marco from 1996 to 1998, decided to show the world that she still had it after online haters alleged that she was “too old” to wear certain types of swimwear. Taking to TikTok for the first time, the actress posted a clip to her account in which she is seen from the chin down while dancing and turning from side to side in a red, 2-piece bathing suit that showed off her stunning physique.

“I’ve had this account for awhile [sic] and never posted anything. Here’s my first post. I hope you like it,” D’Errico wrote in the caption.

Without a doubt, Donna D’Errico looks amazing in the footage with a body that women of all ages would love to have, as you can see in her post below. Unfortunately, not everyone was a fan. In fact, a U.K. media outlet quickly labeled the star’s TikTok account as “raunchy” in an article published the day after D’Errico posted the “controversial” clip on social media.

The U.K. outlet that published the article about the clip ran with a headline that referenced Donna D’Errico’s “raunchy TikTok account,” calling her swimsuit videos “saucy.” But, D’Errico didn’t agree with the media’s assessment and quickly slammed the headline in a post that was uploaded to her Instagram Story, according to Fox News.

“Um…it’s literally one single video of me,” she wrote on a screenshot of the article. “Nice clickbait but I don’t appreciate it since I’m not raunchy and don’t post or do raunchy stuff.”

The video, which featured stickers with the phrases “Thirst trap,” “Beach time,” “Are you in?” and “Dad Bod,” was also shared to D’Errico’s Instagram page, where she took a swipe at critics who claimed she was “desperate” for modeling swimwear on social media and alleged she was “too old” for two-piece suits.

“Here’s me modeling my new line of bathing suits for women over 50,” D’Errico joked in the caption. “Follow me for more AARP tips.”


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Donna D’Errico previously defended herself against online critics after haters left negative comments on a video that she shared on Instagram in a Fourth of July post. In the clip in question, D’Errico was seen sporting a swimsuit that donned the American flag which drew the ire of other women who felt the swimwear was inappropriate for the aging actress.

“Quite a few women complained about the 4th of July video I posted in a red white & blue [swimsuit] because they thought I was ‘classier than that’ and ‘too old to wear [that]’ and, my favorite, ‘desperate,'” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post that featured a photo of her in a pale pink 2-piece. “Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can actually wear and do literally whatever I want.”

Further defying her critics, Donna D’Errico joined OnlyFans. In an interview with Fox News Digital, she addressed both the “hateful comments” that she had received after sharing her photos and explained her decision to join the subscription-based adult platform.

“After the second photo went viral, I got a lot of backlash from that too, but I also received a lot of support from people who not only enjoyed what I had to say but also just enjoyed seeing me,” D’Errico recalled. “And I guess I’m tired of the judging, the bullying and all the hate. It would be nice to post some things and not have that happen. And the truth is, regular social media just doesn’t do it for me. There’s just a lot of judging and hate that goes on there.”


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D’Errico then took a swipe at the online trolls or “keyboard warriors” who resort to online bullying as she further explained why she chose to join OnlyFans.

“I know there’s not a lot that can be done with that, because that’s always going to be there,” D’Errico explained, referring to the online hate she received on social media. “You have all these keyboard warriors who feel very powerful making fun of others, tearing them down while hiding behind a computer,” she continued. “I’ve had that happened so much throughout my career – ever since I became a public figure,” D’Errico added. “And while it doesn’t really bother me, for the most part, I would still like to post things without those repercussions. So I finally said, ‘To heck with it.'”

Whether you agree with the former “Baywatch” star and her modeling choices, she does make a valid point about many media outlets. Too often, they sensationalize headlines to gain clicks. Similar to online trolls and bullies, the media can and has applied a critical narrative to some stories that actually falls flat once the reader digs deeper. In this case, one video hardly makes for a “raunchy TikTok account.” So, the lesson here is to form your own opinion — not from headlines but rather from the actual content of the article and the evidence available.