Beauty Queen Dies Unexpectedly, Fans Uncover Ominous Video

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A Florida beauty queen died a sudden and shocking death just as her modeling career was taking off. Weeks later, fans stumbled upon an ominous video she made that they say predicted her demise.

Ariana Viera
Ariana Viera passed away suddenly at the age of 26, but not before recording an ominous message. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Florida beauty queen Ariana Viera was an up-and-coming model in the fashion industry, landing jobs advertising swimsuits, activewear, and formalwear. However, at the age of 26, she was tragically killed in a horrific accident that left her fans wondering if she had a premonition weeks before her untimely death.

Ariana was due to represent her home country of Venezuela at the upcoming Miss Latin America of the World competition in the Dominican Republic when her life was cut short by a horrific car crash. The pageant participant was driving her vehicle in Orlando when she fell asleep at the wheel and rear-ended a truck, the New York Post reports.

“My girl fell asleep. She was tired,” Ariana’s mother, Vivian Ochoa, said in an interview with Telemundo31. “They revived her, but when they were going to take her to trauma care, she stayed there,” she added.

After being revived, Ariana Viera reportedly suffered a heart attack and then succumbed to her injuries. Her mother believes Ariana worked herself to the point of exhaustion by taking part in pageants and modeling as well as working in real estate and running a cleaning company.

“She helped too many people,” Vivian Ochoa explained. “She would stop everything to help you or listen to you. She was always there for her friends, her brothers, her mother.”

Just weeks before the crash, Ariana recorded a short video of herself with a disturbing caption that fans have pointed to as a sort of premonition of her impending death.

Ariana Viera recorded a satirical clip that she joked should be shared at her “future funeral.” In the clip, she obviously takes a video of herself pretending to be caught performing routine chores because “no one takes them of me.”

“Recording myself for my future funeral because it’s always me who takes the videos no one takes them of me,” she captioned a video with several clips of herself pretending to be caught doing mundane activities like waking up, drinking water and just hanging around the house.

Only weeks later, Ariana would pass away as a result of the fatal crash, and her fans would reference her own words from her funeral video, which is seen below:

Ariana Viera’s social media followers believe she unknowingly predicted her own death. Many have commented on the video, pointing to the eerie caption as an ominous harbinger of the accident.

“I hadn’t seen this. Holy God. Predicting her future. How painful to see this,” one follower commented.

“Incredible how sometimes things are decreed,” another said.

“Whenever I see this type of tragedy when the deceased posted a video about their death in the future, it almost always happens,” someone else wrote.

The video is reportedly part of a trend in which social media users make montages of themselves obviously pretending to be recorded by someone else. The theme is intended to poke fun at movies or other influencers who do so unironically.

Whether or not Ariana Viera felt any foreboding is unclear. Still, her words undeniably point to the tragedy that would soon unfold, leaving her family and followers with a somber understanding of just how short and precious life is.

No career path is worth the mental and physical exhaustion that took Ariana’s life. No one is promised tomorrow, and what we do each day echoes in the lives of our loved ones.