‘World’s Hottest Cop’ Banned From Dating App For Being ‘Perfect’

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A female police officer, who has been dubbed the “world’s hottest cop,” signed up for a popular dating app. However, after the online service accused her of being “too perfect to be true” and banned her, she revealed the real ridiculous reason why.

Adrienne Koleszar
Adrienne Koleszar (Credit: Screenshot)

Adrienne Koleszar was a police officer in Germany before she rose to online fame in 2016. The female cop began posting pictures of herself on Instagram. As a result, her legion of followers began petitioning the Teutonic temptress to arrest them.

After making headlines, Koleszar was called the “world’s hottest cop” by media outlets. The German native shared on social media that she had broken up with her 10-year partner. That’s when she decided to give dating apps a shot, but that didn’t go very well.

Koleszar was stunned when the dating app blocked her. “I didn’t do anything other than just looking and swiping through the pictures,” Koleszar said. “I have no idea why my account was then blocked.” According to the police officer-turned-Instagram model, the app deemed her “too perfect to be true.”

Koleszar said that when the online dating service rejected her profile twice, they accused her of being fake. “Don’t create a fake account or pretend to be someone you’re not, even if it’s just for fun,” the community guidelines said. Koleszar asked her social media followers for assistance in regaining control of her account. “Does anybody have a connection at Tinder,” she pleaded. “Does anybody have a solution for me?”

Disappointed with the outcome, the German beauty believes that being single is for the best. “I think it may be a sign from the universe and everything is good the way it is,” she said. Her romantic life was not the only thing that suffered as a result of her Instagram fame. It also had an impact on her career after her superiors gave her an ultimatum: either stop using social media or leave the police department.

Many police departments strongly discourage officers from having social media accounts. Officers face a serious risk when they identify themselves and their loved ones to people who wish them harm and may act on it. Koleszar decided to leave the police service and pursue a career as a full-time social media influencer. “I have never regretted leaving the police force,” she said. “I’m not the desk job type.”

However, Koleszar revealed that not everything about life as an influencer is as it appears. The social media personality claimed that her 10-year relationship ended because of her online persona. In a message to her lost lover, she said, “You were in the public eye, in a world you never wanted. But I wanted it. Absolutely. At any price.”

The German model also alleges that other influencers “present a false reality” online, which irritates her. “I let myself be blinded by it too,” she said. “It doesn’t just need the display of luxury goods. You can never be happier with more money.” Despite everything she has given up to pursue online fame, she admits she has pondered quitting. “Sometimes I’d like to give up, get a regular job, and work somewhere…in some coffee shop, probably in Bali,” she declared.

After making the decision to leave her police career, Adrienne Koleszar revealed on YouTube that she had spent six months traveling the world, much like the book turned movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” while deciding whether to seriously pursue modeling or go back into the police force.

If at some point the modeling and influencing work dries up, Koleszar says she will have no problem going back to her career in law enforcement. “I have no fear about returning to my duty, being on patrol, and working my shifts,” said Koleszar, who earned $3,000 a month as a police officer. “I’m convinced [Instagram] won’t hinder my work.”