Woman Was 1st-Time Mom At 66, Daughter Hushes Critics 17 Years Later

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A woman became the oldest first-time mother when she gave birth at age 66. Seventeen years later, the mother and daughter stepped into the spotlight once again to silence their critics.

Adriana Iliescu became the oldest first-time mother after giving birth at age 66. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When Adriana Iliescu was 20 years old, she married her husband in Bucharest, Romania, and decided never to have children. After an ugly divorce, she felt her plan to live as a single, childless woman was solidified. Of course, she had no idea that would all change many decades years later.

For nearly a decade, Adriana underwent fertility treatment but failed to get pregnant, Bright Side reported. She then moved on to in-vitro fertilization and conceived triplets soon after. The only problem was that she was 66 years old and at very high risk for complications. Sadly, Adriana lost two of the babies. However, one continued to grow stronger in her womb.

Adriana Iliescu
After more than a decade of fertility treatment, Adriana Iliescu conceived via in-vitro fertilization. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When her daughter Eliza was born, Adriana broke the record to become the oldest first-time mother. Although the baby was born prematurely, Adriana took good care of her until she was out of danger, and the mother refused to let her age slow her down.

“The mirror is unkind to women, but if we are talking about my energy then I feel like a young woman. I feel like I’m 27 and when I feel a bit more tired, I feel like I’m 37. I am healthier than women more than half my age,” Adriana said.

As a religious woman, the new mother took her newborn daughter to be baptized. She says that some of the nuns gave her accusing looks and that one even called the baby girl the “work of the devil” because she was conceived in Adriana Iliescu’s old age, the Daily Mail reported. However, Adriana refused to believe that her daughter was anything but a gift from God.

Adriana Iliescu
Eliza Iliescu has thrived under Adriana Iliescu’s care. (Photo Credit: Instagram, Instagram)

Knowing she wouldn’t have as much time to mother her child as most other parents do, Adriana made sure Eliza received everything she needed to be a successful young woman someday. She focused on teaching the little girl to become self-sufficient and prize her education.

When Eliza was 17 years old and her mother was 83, the pair entered the spotlight once again. The child had grown up to be a very intelligent and driven teen who loved science and did well in school. She also had lots of friends and enjoyed being a regular teenager regardless of her mother’s infamy.

“We’ve discussed her future and we’d like it if she became a lawyer, but she also wants to study film directing,” Adriana Iliescu said.

Adriana Iliescu
Adriana Iliescu dedicated her life to raising her daughter. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Eliza loves science and was doing well in all of her classes. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Adriana made headlines just a few years after Eliza’s birth when she claimed she wanted to have another child at age 72. However, her desires quickly faded, and she chose to focus her attention on her daughter rather than breaking any other records.

Although many have pointed out that Adriana has little time left in this world, she has already prepared for the inevitable. During her pregnancy, she reportedly named her doctor as Eliza’s godfather, making him promise to take care of the child in the event of her death.

At age 17, Eliza lived a normal teenage life and planned to attend college. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Adriana’s decision to conceive has been described as “grotesque,” “horrifying,” and the “ultimate act of selfishness” by religious and ethical groups. Part of this is due to her age but also because of the method by which she conceived.

Thankfully, Adriana remained healthy and able to care for Eliza throughout her childhood. Despite her advanced age, Adriana’s mother will be around for many more years to come — if not in body then in spirit, having raised her daughter with more love and attention than some younger mothers give.