Activists Demand 44 ‘Racist’ Schools Be Renamed, Board Does Reverse

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Activists targeted 44 public schools, accusing them of having “racist” names and demanding that they be changed. However, after hearing the demands, the school board made a surprising decision.

Racist Schools
The San Francisco School Board made a stunning announcement after voting to rename 44 “racist” schools. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

San Francisco made a contentious decision to scrub the names of 44 public schools following accusations that the titles are “racist.” Among those targeted are schools that include the names of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Paul Revere, William McKinley, James Garfield, James Monroe, and author Robert Louis Stevenson. Even an elementary school honoring Democrat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been named as “problematic” due to allegations that she replaced a damaged Confederate flag outside City Hall in 1986, the New York Post reports.

As Critical Race Theory infiltrates and festers in the public school system, academic learning is swept by the wayside in favor of teaching equity, leaving students illiterate and unprepared for the world. Fortunately, there is still pushback on behalf of the voiceless children whose futures are at stake thanks to educators who’ve placed their own political beliefs ahead of their students’ wellbeing.

“So, for me, I guess it’s just the criteria was created to show if there were ties to these specific themes, right?” school board president Grabiela Lopez said. “White supremacy, racism, colonization, ties to slavery, the killing of indigenous people, or any symbols that embodied that. And the committee shared that these are the names that have these ties.”

The argument has been that the historical figures either furthered systemic racism and white supremacy or didn’t do enough to dismantle it. Without hearing the testimony of historians, the school board voted 6-1 to rename dozens of schools.

However, the decision promptly sparked a backlash accusing the board of caring more about virtue-signaling than educating the students. Incredibly, the criticism grew so loud that officials couldn’t ignore it.

Racist Schools
The board voted 6-1 to change the names of schools with titles honoring individuals who some consider “white supremacists”. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

In a surprising move, the San Francisco School Board reversed its decision to rename 44 schools activists declared “racist.” Instead, the board has promised that, at least for the time being, they are going to focus on the students and their education needs.

“I acknowledge and take responsibility that mistakes were made in the renaming process,” the president of San Francisco’s School Board Gabriela López wrote on Twitter.

“We recognize we need to slow down. And we need to provide more opportunities for community input. We are working with educators at all levels to involve and educate our school communities about the renaming process. We are realizing, especially now, it will take time and energy to get that right,” López wrote in the statement.

Lopez, who once passionately defended the move, has since quieted down. She now acknowledges that the board may have been a bit hasty in its decision, confirming that the community members whose children attend these schools should be the ones contributing their input.

Racist Schools
The community successfully postponed the school board’s decision but must continue to voice its opinions. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The board’s decision to defer renaming the schools doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually go forward. It is up to the community to voice its opposition or simply watch as the noisy minority once again forces through its agenda.

While each district has the right to rename its schools, it is the whitewashing and rewriting of history that endangers future generations the most. The move to cancel everyone and everything that has ever done something perceived as racist will only end in disaster.