Woman Finds 4 Men Robbing Her Home, Sends Them Running

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After arriving home late at night, a woman suddenly came face to face with a group of four robbers. However, despite being outnumbered, the men were no match for the well-prepared homeowner, who sent them running for their lives.

home invasion
When a Philadelphia woman arrived home, she immediately realized she was in the middle of a home invasion. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

For millions of homeowners across the U.S., having a plan in place in the event of a home invasion could spell the difference between life and death. For many women living alone, this preparedness is even more crucial, as they are especially vulnerable targets. For one Pennsylvania resident, this was certainly the case.

Philadelphia police launched an investigation of a terrifying incident that occurred in the Upper Northwest part of the city. The crime took place on the 4900 block of Germantown Avenue around 1 p.m. just as the resident was returning from a night out.

Stock photo for visual representation only (Photo Credit: Pexels)

According to police, the woman arrived at her apartment in the middle of a robbery. As she stepped inside, she saw four men rummaging through her property. While many homeowners would panic in this unexpected scenario, this was exactly the type of situation she had been preparing for.

WPVI reports that the woman confronted the men, pulling out her personal firearm and immediately unloading the weapon. Refusing to give them any opportunity to harm or disarm her, she fired at the intruders, hitting at least two of the suspects.

home invasion
The men immediately scrambled for the exit, but the homeowner had good aim. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Unsurprisingly, the robbers scrambled to flee the gunfire, immediately running out of the home. However, a couple of the suspects didn’t make it very far. When police arrived, half of their work was already done for them.

Officers first discovered a man lying on the ground outside the apartment. Standing over the suspect was the homeowner, holding him at bay with her gun. The man was suffering from two gunshot wounds and wasn’t about to attempt to flee again. He was treated on the scene by emergency responders and transported to Einstein Medical Center. Police later identified him as 48-year-old Jermaine Parker.

home invasion
When police arrived, one of the suspects had been shot twice and was lying in the street while a second suspect was suffering from a gunshot wound to the back. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While Parker was on his way to the hospital, detectives set off to track down the other suspects. Fortunately, one of them hadn’t gotten very far. Moments later, they stumbled upon a second man, identified as 45-year-old Randy Miller, on the unit block of East Seymour Street just around the corner from the woman’s home. He had been abandoned by his accomplices and was suffering from a gunshot wound to his back.

While Parker is expected to recover, Miller was listed in stable but critical condition. Both suspects were arrested by Philadelphia police and charged with burglary and other related offenses. Detectives are still searching for the other two suspects.

Stock photo for visual representation only (Photo Credit: Pexels)

Although there was no physical evidence that the other suspects were hit, it’s possible that they were also wounded in the gunfire. It’s currently unknown why the woman’s home was targeted for the invasion.

Investigators confirmed that the woman acted in self-defense and that she won’t face any criminal charges. Her quick thinking and preparedness embody just what it means to be a strong, independent woman who refuses to be a victim. She is the perfect proof that the Second Amendment is the great equalizer.