Video: Woman Feels ‘Unsafe’ In McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Starts Ramming

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A wild video captured the moment a woman seemingly lost it in a McDonald’s drive-thru after allegedly being made to feel unsafe. Rather than staying inside the safety of her vehicle, however, she decided to get out of her car. It wasn’t long before all hell broke loose.

McDonald’s drive-thru
An onlooker began recording after spotting an altercation unfolding in a McDonald’s drive-thru line. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

An unnamed woman is likely getting a lot of unwanted attention after a video of her behaving badly in a McDonald’s drive-thru has gone viral online — not just once, but repeatedly. Although there isn’t a lot of context available regarding the details behind the footage, the clip seems to speak volumes all on its own, and it’s spread like wildfire across social media for good reason.

Allegedly taking place in West Sacramento, according to one YouTube upload of the footage, the clip begins with the woman already outside of her car, aggressively pointing her finger at a McDonald’s employee who came outside in an apparent attempt to defuse an escalating situation. The chaos seems to have captured the attention of a passerby, who we have to thank for the footage:

Listening to the woman, it’s clear she feels “unsafe” trying to drive around a car that is waiting in front of hers for their order as she repeatedly gets in everyone’s face to let them know just how “unsafe” she feels. Claiming the driver of the other vehicle is not letting her out, the woman pounds on the window, which the other driver keeps closed, likely because they legitimately feel unsafe.

After telling the driver of the black SUV to “move the f*ck out of the way” or she’s going to ram the car, onlookers decide to chime in, telling the woman, “Right now, you’re being the aggressor.” Sadly, she’s undeterred. Meanwhile, anyone who initially feels any empathy for the woman, believing that perhaps she is “boxed in” and just wants to leave, quickly dissipates as it becomes obvious that she clearly has plenty of space to get around the vehicle when the car behind hers gets out of line, easily driving around the two vehicles in front of them.

After beating on the window the woman tells the driver to move the vehicle or she will ram it. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
McDonald’s drive-thru
The woman turns her attention to the staff, yelling at them. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Rather than following suit and just driving around the car that’s allegedly “blocking” her exit, the woman, who’s been dubbed a “Karen” by the YouTube channel “Karens In The Wild,” decides on another approach. Indeed, this woman’s response to feeling threatened is to threaten others before taking things to the absolute extreme and ramming a car with her own.

Proving a total absence of any logic, however, the woman doesn’t ram the vehicle that’s allegedly in her way after spending the entire altercation trying to get the SUV to move. Instead, she throws her car in reverse and plows into the car that was unfortunate enough to pull up behind her after the other car had left — all with cameras rolling, clearly showing that she had more than enough room to maneuver around the vehicle without needing to ram anyone.

McDonald’s drive-thru
The woman is repeatedly told to return to her car and that cops would be called. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
From this angle, we see the woman seems to have plenty of room to maneuver around the other car. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

It’s no wonder that a lot of people, including the person filming, seem to think the woman must be “on something” or drunk, according to the blog site Whiskey Riff. Putting the icing on her crazy cake, the woman flees after “playing bumper cars” in the McDonald’s drive-thru, which is actually a serious crime called a “hit and run.”

Making matters even worse for her, not only is her face clearly seen in the video, making her easy to identify, the man recording the encounter also captured a clear shot of her license plate. Although it’s not been confirmed, I don’t think she got away with this one or if she did temporarily, she’ll be getting a visit from the police soon enough, which brings us to the real hero in this story: the cameraman.

McDonald’s drive-thru
The woman threw her car in reverse and plowed into the vehicle behind her before fleeing the scene. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Although the woman fled the scene, she likely didn’t get far since her license plate was clearly caught on camera. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“This guy is the blessed cameraman we all wanted,” one YouTube commenter pointed out, adding that the man did everything right, including, “landscape mode orientation, license plate catch, mega HD, and stable camera hold.” Indeed, he deserves kudos for a job well done as his footage will no doubt have the police knocking on this woman’s door if they haven’t already.

As for the McDonald’s drive-thru “Karen,” perhaps she’s learned the hard way that the best way to handle feelings of being unsafe isn’t to make all of those around you actually unsafe. Arguing with employees and customers while putting your finger in their faces and then threatening them with a lethal weapon, which is exactly what a car should be considered when used to ram others, will not improve your own safety. In fact, it’s likely to get you thrown into a cage, where this woman seems to belong. The only person presenting an actual threat during this encounter was her.