Landlord Gets Revenge On Rude Tenants Who Trashed His Rental

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After seeing how his rude tenants had left his rental property, a landlord decided to simultaneously teach them a lesson while also getting the sweet revenge he craved. Luckily for us, it was caught on video.

Thomas Ravaux
Thomas Ravaux got sweet revenge on the rude tenants who left the mess above in his rental property. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Thomas Ravaux, a landlord in the small French town of Rozoy-sur-Serre, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw how one of his rental properties was left by his former tenants. Disturbed by the condition of the home, the owner immediately began snapping photos before taking to social media to complain about the rude tenants and the way they had treated his residence.

According to a Facebook translation of the landlord’s post, which featured pictures of the mess that was left by the renters, the tenants not only left the house in squalid conditions, but they had lived that way with three children while failing to pay the rent for 14 months. As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words, and Thomas shared a dozen of them that clearly depicted the disarray.

Thomas Ravaux
Thomas Ravaux’s damaged rental after tenants left a mess. (Photo Credit: Facebook)
Thomas Ravaux took a dozen photos of the mess tenants left. (Photo Credit: Facebook)
In addition to all the trash left behind, the house was filthy. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

“What kind of people do that, it’s a shame,” one commenter remarked on Thomas’s post that featured a dozen images of the trash, dirt, filth, and clutter that was left behind by the tenants, who were called “pigs” in the comments. Indeed, the disgust the owner must have felt, seeing his home in such a condition, is palpable to any homeowner as they look at the many pictures Thomas took of the mess he faced.

Some rooms were so full of junk and rubbish that you could barely open the door let alone walk inside, and sadly, this disaster was Thomas’s to deal with. So, it comes as no surprise that his frustrations mounted to the point he decided to hatch a plan, where he would not only teach the bad tenants a lesson but also get some sweet, satisfying revenge.

Thomas Ravaux
(Photo Credit: Facebook)
(Photo Credit: Facebook)
(Photo Credit: Facebook)

In order to clean up the rubbish, old furniture, trash, and filth left behind, Thomas Ravaux needed a dumpster. At some point, as the garbage container was being filled with all of the junk left behind by the rude tenants, the landlord came up with the perfect plan to get revenge on the bad tenants, and he decided to share it in a follow-up post on Facebook.

Posting just a video without any caption, Thomas shared his act of revenge. In the clip, viewers clearly see a dump truck, loaded with a full dumpster of garbage, pull up in front of a residence before the bed lifts, dumping the contents outside the home. If you guessed that the contents included the rubble, furniture, toys, bags, and other large items that the former tenants had left behind, you’d be correct! And, yes, that’s allegedly their new residence.

After sharing the video of the lorry full of rubbish and old furniture left by his former tenants being dumped in front of their new property, the homeowner received overwhelming support. However, many thought the display of sweet revenge was too good to be true, prompting Snopes to “investigate.”

With Thomas’s photos of the “carnage” left behind and his video of revenge going viral and making headlines that many thought must have been fabricated, the “fact-checking” website reassured readers that the story was indeed “true.”

Thomas Ravaux
Many questioned whether the story could be true. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Snopes)

After 14 months of unpaid rent and ignoring the landlord’s calls and letters, the tenants reportedly left without warning, according to an article by the French outlet The Connexion. Children’s toys, old magazines, papers, plastic buckets, old computers, towels, clothes, and pieces of broken furniture were strewn across the floor in every room.

In addition to the debris that littered all of the rooms, the rude renters had also left rotting food in the fridge, Thomas said. Making matters worse, Thomas Revaux said he had previously renovated the property himself in order to rent it out. Sadly, after the disastrous tenants, the house not only required a deep cleaning but was also in need of repair after the renters’ departure.

“It was carnage inside,” Thomas recalled. “Everything was totally destroyed. The carpet is messed up, there are holes in the walls, all the paintwork needs re-doing, and we will need to disinfect it all. The smell is unbearable. I had a legal representative witness the damage before we emptied the place.”

(Photo Credit: Facebook)
(Photo Credit: Facebook)

After seeing what Thomas Ravaux was forced to deal with, it’s easy to understand why he wanted the rude tenants to face their own filth and decided to “return it all to them” in a dump truck, filming the moment he emptied it in front of their new residence. And, it seemed to have worked as the trash was reportedly cleared away by the former tenants.

“The old tenants had to take everything to the rubbish tip themselves. Everything has now gone,” Thomas Ravaux revealed.

While we love a good story of someone getting their comeuppance, we must offer a warning. While Thomas says he spoke to law enforcement and “it went ok,” dumping trash in public places usually carries a fine in both France and the United States. So, before you take a page out of this homeowner’s book, be sure you’re ready to face any resulting consequences. Thankfully, it seems Thomas got nothing but support. However, this could have ended differently. Oh, and for those who have ever wondered why rent costs so much, here’s your answer.