VIDEO: Mom Hits Daughter With FLIP-FLOP From Very Long Distance

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When a teen girl thought she could make a run for it and escape her mother’s wrath, the angry mom decided to show her who’s boss. The fed-up mom quickly proved she’s not one to be underestimated — and she’s got one heck of an arm. Many have greeted the video with a healthy dose of skepticism, insisting that it couldn’t possibly be real.

The mad mom lifts her sandal and takes aim, as the girl continues to run away.
(Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

A video has gone viral after one mom proved she’s not one to be messed. She showed off skills no one expected after her daughter thought she could flee rather than face the consequences after an argument broke out. When you see what this parent pulled off with a sandal, you’ll understand why the footage is spreading like wildfire.

Believed to have taken place somewhere in Mexico, the clip begins with a woman, thought to be the mother, walking out into the street during a family feud with a child. It’s unknown what the argument was over, but the two were definitely in a heated disagreement as we see the girl, presumed to be her teenage daughter, making a run for it in the distance.

(Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

As the teen attempts to get away, her angry mother comes after her. It’s immediately obvious that the woman isn’t going to catch up with the girl, but that’s okay — she has other plans. As she stops to take off her shoe, her daughter is putting more distance between herself and her mother. Although the mom’s intentions quickly become clear, it doesn’t look like she stands a chance.

Undeterred, however, the mad mom lifts her sandal and takes aim, as the girl continues to run away. Then, the determined mother chucks the shoe down the street towards her daughter from the impossibly long distance. Viewers expect to see the sandal fall short of reaching the girl, who is many yards away by that point, but we are all left pleasantly surprised — and in awe of this mom’s arm.

The sandal soars high into the air, straight as an arrow. To viewers’ amazement, it quickly closes in on the girl who’s a great distance away from where her mother launched the projectile. A man is heard in the background hollering, “Go on, hit her, hit her, hit her!” As viewers wait with bated breath, expecting the impossible throw to fall short, we are soon greeted by a spectacular site.

Much to our utter disbelief, the sandal whacks the teen between the shoulders, and the girl is immediately brought to a halt, as Daily Mail reports. She is so surprised by the hit, she falls over in the street, but she doesn’t get any sympathy from mom, who is seen laughing hard. The once furious mom is so overcome with amusement, she has to lean on the car for support as she turns away.

The mad mom lifts her sandal and takes aim, as the girl continues to run away.
(Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Social media users are loving it, to say the least. After it was posted to Twitter, it quickly amassed more than a million views and tens of thousands of likes. However, there are some flaws in the video, suggesting that it was all a hoax:

Firstly, it should be noted, the details of the woman are not known despite the video going so viral. A close examination into the video will also reveal certain flaws which question authenticity of the incident. As the Mother throws Flip Flop, it takes off and then takes off again high into air, which is unusual. The visibility of slipper – flying in a perfect curve shape in the video – fades away at certain instances. The low resolution video does not even show properly whether the slipper really hits the girl running down the street, who later happens to fall dramatically. All these are hints suggesting the incident showing Mother throws Flip Flop at daughter and hitting her from long distance is staged, and the video edited. The slipper shot in flight is most probably added in CGI to make a viral video.

“All my respect and admiration to that lady! That should be an Olympic sport!” one Twitter user said. “La chancla strikes back,” a Twitter user mused, adding, “Yup! In Mexico, most if not all moms are the masters of the ancient martial art called ‘La chancla.’ After arduous training, they can reach levels that can only be compared with a Jedi!” Indeed, this mom was quickly deemed world-class in the noble art of “chanclazo volador,” which translates to “flying flip-flop.” According to Daily Mail, it’s a popular way for Mexican mothers to punish disobedient daughters, and this mom could certainly give lessons.