Predator Lured 14-Year-Old To House For Sex — Says It’s Not Her Fault

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After watching teen boys playing football, a mother lured one of them to her home for a sexual encounter. However, she told the court that she isn’t guilty and offered an explanation.

Teah Vincent
Teah Vincent admitted that she had sex with a 14-year-old boy but insists she isn’t to blame. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

After watching a group of neighborhood kids playing football all afternoon near her home in Southwest England, 32-year-old Teah Vincent made her move. She had lusted after one of the teens when she decided to invite him and his friend back to her house for a glass of water just after 5 p.m. Of course, her plan was far more sinister.

Having a beautiful woman twice your age come onto you is every young boy’s fantasy and every parent’s fear. Although these sex-crazed teens would kill to have such an encounter, their hormones overpower their ability to foresee the devastating effects that come as a result. Fortunately, one young man realized this far earlier than most.

The mom-of-three lured the boy into her house before taking him upstairs to her bedroom. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Vincent, who has three children of her own, lured the pair of 14-year-olds into her Woolaston flat before coaxing one of the boys into her bedroom. There, she initiated sex with the child and sent them on their way. As many do, the boy immediately felt disturbed by the incident and later told his parents what had happened, which led to Vincent’s arrest, the Daily Mail reports.

During the trial, the boy testified that Vincent had climbed atop the teen and initiated sex without seeking his consent. He described her as “bouncing up and down on him” for about 5 minutes before he pushed her off him and ran.

“Ms. Vincent then took the boy into her bedroom and told him to sit down on the bed. She left the room and reappeared a few moments later having removed her clothes. She pulled him back onto the bed so he was lying down,” Prosecutor Christopher Smyth told the court. “He knew he was underage and that there was a big age gap between them – she was more than twice his age. In the end, he pushed her off, got dressed, and fled downstairs.”

Teah Vincent
The boy testified that Teah Vincent mounted him until he pushed her off and fled the home. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

While on trial, Vincent admitted that she had sex with the boy but offered an outrageous excuse to justify her actions. According to The Sun, Vincent pleaded not guilty to having sex with a minor, claiming that her victim lied about his age. When answering investigators, she repeated the claim that she believed the boys were both 16, which is the legal age of consent in England.

Teah Vincent stated, “Both youths told me they were 16 years old,” but she declined to answer any other questions.

Catherine Flint, defending, said, “Ms. Vincent had previously spoken to the older boy when he told her he was 18. Once the pair were inside the house, she says, the alleged victim told her he was 16.”

The court heard that the boy struggled with his conscience for three days before telling his parents about the incident. He said he felt like an “absolute idiot” for following Vincent upstairs and blames himself for his abuse.

Teah Vincent pleaded not guilty, claiming that she thought the boy was of legal age. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

When the boy’s mother heard what had happened, she went to Vincent’s house to confront her. However, Vincent slammed the door in her face, insisting that she wouldn’t discuss the incident with her daughter present.

The father of the victim’s friend also went to Vincent’s home to warn her to stay away from the neighborhood boys. This apparently prompted Richard Remnant, whose relation to Vincent is unknown, to show up at the victim’s friend’s address and threaten him.

Prosecutor Christopher Smyth said, “The boy opened the window and was warned that if his father or elder brother ever went to the defendant’s house again ‘I will stab them in the jaw.'”

Teah Vincent
Teah Vincent preyed upon a teen boy after watching him playing football with the other neighborhood children. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

As disturbing as it is that adult women, some of whom are mothers to boys of their own, are sexually attracted to underage boys, it’s a reality parents have to confront. However, the double standard is absurd.

Women who sexually abuse male minors should be treated with the same disgust and given equally harsh legal repercussions as men who sexually abuse girls. Although young boys often act as though such abuse is desired, they’re still developing psychologically and may very well suffer the effects of adult decisions.