Teacher Kicks Student Out Of Class For Making Statement About Gender

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While sitting in class, a student unassumingly made a scientific observation, pointing it out to his teacher. However, as soon as the educator heard him assert this fact, he quickly told him to leave the classroom.

Disturbing footage has surfaced of a teacher punishing a student for stating a scientific fact. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As political correctness tightens its stranglehold on the public education system, students and staff are finding it almost impossible to speak simple truth without fear of reprimand. This is especially true on the topic of gender. Unfortunately, this political infiltration has not only overtaken the social sphere but the fields of science as well.

In the middle of class, a student secretly pulled out his cell phone and began recording a confrontation with his teacher, who speaks in a Scottish accent. Although it is unclear who either of the individuals is or where the encounter was recorded, what ensued is nonetheless disturbing.

The student was kicked out of the classroom for stating that science proves there are only two genders. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

As the student sits at his desk, the teacher walks over and a heated debate follows. The teacher points his finger at the student accusingly but admits that everyone has the right to their own belief, according to The Blaze. However, his claim is contradicted when the student points out that the teacher removed him from class for stating the obvious. The simple statement that earned the student a one-way ticket out — saying that science teaches there are only two genders, male and female.

“You’re entitled to your opinion,” the teacher says.

“If I am, then why did you kick me out of class?” the student — who speaks with what sounds like an American accent — shot back. “That’s not very inclusive.”

“You aren’t being inclusive,” the teacher argues, adding that “this is an inclusive school.”

The teacher then explains that stating there are only two genders “is not inclusive” and must be thwarted. Of course, the student points out how dangerous and absurd this excuse is only for the teacher to warn him that he was given the “opportunity to keep quiet” but didn’t take it.

The most disturbing part comes when the student again asserts that only two genders have been proven only for the teacher to warn him to keep this simple truth out of the school. “Could you, please, keep that opinion to your own house?” he says before adding, “Not in this school.”

However, the student refuses to back down. He insists that it’s unfair that the teacher can utter complete fallacies while he and other students are silenced. It is then that the teacher reveals the startling truth, admitting that it doesn’t matter if it’s true because it’s what the school has chosen to teach, The College Fix reports.

“I am not putting my opinion out,” the teacher replies. “I am stating what is national school authority policy, OK? Take this somewhere else. The authority’s point of view is very clear … that we make no discrimination on the grounds of—”

Then the student cuts off the teacher: “I’m not making any discrimination. I’m simply saying there are two genders. Male and female.”

“I’m sorry,” the teacher says, “but you chose to make an issue of making a point which was contrary to policy.”

The teacher finally admits that they must follow school policy whether it’s scientifically factual or not because it’s “national school authority policy.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although the student isn’t accepting the bizarre excuse, the teacher finally runs out steam. As he retreats from the debate, the teacher warns the student that he’s “making bad choices” by openly refuting the “authority’s point of view” for a scientific fact.

The source of the video seems to be a Reddit thread, which has since been deleted, although hundreds of comments remain. The recording has now surfaced on YouTube with the caption “Just to be clear, this isn’t me. This is a reupload from Reddit.”

The encounter reveals that schools are no longer interested in teaching science over social justice. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

There has been no confirmation as to the identities of the student or teacher. The location of the school also remains unknown. However, the encounter points out a serious and disastrous blemish on our education system. It’s clear now that the education system’s prerogative isn’t to teach scientific truths but whatever they deem socially important at the moment.

In the name of political correctness, facts are being replaced by social justice, which isn’t justice at all. Now, our schools are creating political militants who are taught to remain silent and never question authority for the sake of authority, even when it’s easily scientifically disproven.