VIDEO: Deranged Man On Subway With His Kids PUNCHES Woman

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A man was riding the subway with his children when a woman said something about him that he obviously didn’t appreciate. Rather than let it slide, he punched the stranger in the face before going on a tirade about race — and it was all captured on startling video.

chill pill
A “deranged” man confronts a woman on the subway. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Video footage recorded on a subway in crime-plagued New York City quickly went viral after capturing quite the troubling encounter. In the footage, a man, who was riding on a D train with his kids, confronts a woman over something she supposedly said after one of his children allegedly repeated it to him, the NY Post reported, and it was all downhill from there.

As the video starts, the man is seen standing over a woman and heard roaring in her face. “Tell me to take a chill pill!” he yells, daring the female subway rider. “Say the word ‘chill pill!” he barks at the woman. When she refuses to back down, defiantly looks him in the eye, and complies, things go from bad to worse as he socks her in the face with a right hook. However, that’s not even the worst of it:

Although it’s unclear what preceded the attack, the original poster gave some clues when captioning the video footage and sharing it on TikTok. “All [the woman] said was he needs a chill pill & his kids repeated it to him and it was just up from there,” the caption read. The original poster also alleged that the man was already agitated when he got on the train, according to the Daily Mail.

After allegedly telling other passengers to “gtfo him & his kid’s way,” the deranged dad turned his attention to the woman who said he needed to take a chill pill. When she follows his command to “say it to [his] face now,” he bashed her in the face. In response, other passengers on the packed subway train let out horrified gasps and the woman filming says, “You wilin’, she a female!”

The man dares the woman to say “chill pill,” and when she complies, he socks her in the face. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“Mind your business, say it again,” the assailant threatens again before he begins to move away. Rather than letting tensions subside, however, he decides to bring race into the equation. “I’m tired if you n***** in my black business, you understand?” he growls as he launches into a tirade against the whole train, telling other riders that when he and his family are on the train, they need to “move out the way!”

At that point, it would seem someone may have mentioned to him that he should be a better role model for his children, a suggestion he didn’t take kindly. “I’m dealing with my f–king kids, you understand?” he declares. “It ain’t about being a role model, it’s about getting respect from people like you,” he tells the white woman. “All these other races out here, mind your business.”

chill pill
After bashing the woman in the face, the man launches into a tirade about race. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The original post has since been deleted, but not before it made its way to Twitter, where it was viewed millions of times in just a couple of days. The footage rightfully sparked criticism from many viewers who were not only disturbed by the man’s barbaric behavior but also sickened to see that no one dared to make a move against the violent attacker, not even the woman’s male companion.

At the time of this attack, the city’s subway system was seeing an “uptick in overall crime,” according to NYPD Inspector Raymond Porteous, and it’s easy to see why. There simply is no deterrent for violent criminals like this one. In fact, according to authorities, the victim has not reported the assault. This is absolutely a sad state of affairs. When an enraged man slugs a woman in the face in a crowded Big Apple subway car because she told him to take a “chill pill” and no one tries to stop him, we have a serious problem.