Mom Hits Back After Getting Blasted For Overly ‘Sexualized’ Photo

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A mother was slammed after she posted what critics labeled an overly “sexualized” photo with her teen son. She decided to hit back and defend the controversial snapshot.

Sophie Guidolin
Sophie Guidolin  (Credit: Instagram)

When fitness influencer Sophie Guidolin shared several photos of her son Kai in celebration of his 15th birthday on her Instagram page, she couldn’t believe that one photo would cause such a stir. The post, captioned “Happy 15th Kai”, includes images of him as a baby as well as those throughout his adolescence.

The controversial snapshot that sparked a heated debate on social media featured Guidolin cuddling up to her son with her backside on display. Many netizens immediately attacked the image as being “inappropriate” and overly “sexualized,” it was reported.

Sophie Guidolin and son Kai in the controversial image (Credit: Instagram)

The Australian fitness influencer and nutritionist stated that trolls bombarded her inbox with negative comments about the photo. Critics claimed that Kai appeared “uncomfortable” and that Guidolin was exploiting her son to fuel her “burning addiction to attention.” It was also reported that other “vulgar trolls” suggested the proud mother appeared to be “banging” her child.

However, a defiant Guidolin stood firm. “Having a body is normal, having body parts is normal, it’s not sexualized, it’s nothing shameful, and it’s something I reiterate and drive home here with my boys,” she told the Daily Star. “So when they see me in a bikini, they don’t think anything other than ‘Hmm, mom’s tanning, mom’s going to the beach, going for a swim,’” she further explained. “They don’t see me and be like ‘Oooh what a sexy bum you’ve got.’”

Sophie Guidolin and her son Kai (Credit: Instagram)

However, the Australian mother was compelled to change the caption by adding a disclaimer once the tale went viral outside of her home country. “We live in the Gold Coast, Australia, where wearing a bikini to the beach is so beyond normal, that I didn’t even consider having to place a disclaimer on this photo,” the update read.

She also felt compelled to post a follow-up video with her son in which she addressed the ongoing criticism. “Do I have a problem wearing a bikini in front of my sons? NO WAY. Why? Because I’m not sexualized to him, nor have I ever been!!!” the mom further raged. “If you have an issue, maybe you should look into why you feel you have to sexualize a woman’s body instead of it simply being a mom and her son at the pool!!!”

Sophie Guidolin
Sophie Guidolin (Credit: Instagram)

After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes prior to the birth of her first child, Sophie Guidolin founded “The Bod,” a nutrition and fitness company. The then-19-year-old was compelled to “actively start to learn about nutrition and what goes into my body.” When she was out pushing her stroller, her multi-million-dollar business came to her. She is also raising twins and another son.

Some of Sophie Guidolin’s followers commented about how shocked they were that some people had a problem with her photo. Hundreds of sympathetic moms told Guidolin to ignore her haters.

One fan wrote, “Too many sick people around on social media.”

Another added, “I think the pic is beautiful.”

While one supporter noted, “It’s gross that people even think that way‍️. You’re literally a mum taking a photo with her son on his birthday.”

Sophie Guidolin
Sophie Guidolin (Credit: Instagram)

However, many social media users, including some mothers, weren’t so supportive of Guidolin and her photo. Their comments were pretty direct.

“As a Mother myself, I can’t imagine displaying myself in that way to, or around my son,” one wrote. “There’s a time and place for reveling in your beauty, and that time and place does not include areas where your, and other folks’ children are present. My job as a Mom is to let my children shine, not myself.”

Another critic posted, “Remember when parenting was about teaching kids values, like decency and modesty? This narcissist sure doesn’t.”

While one netizen added, “The poor kid looks very uncomfortable and embarrassed. This isn’t just going to the beach in a culturally acceptable bikini, although I think it’s pushing the norm even on the Gold Coast.”

As with anything you post publicly on social media, you will always attract criticism, warranted or not. When you choose to live your life in the public eye, negative comments should come as no surprise. Was the photo appropriate? The answer depends on who you ask.