Fed-Up School Bus Driver’s Profanity-Laced Rant Goes Viral

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A school bus driver finally had enough and went on a profanity-laced rant, lambasting the students who had her extremely fed up. Someone began to record, and the footage went viral, leading to the fed-up driver’s resignation. However, her stern words garnered a reaction she likely didn’t expect when she gave her notice.

An Amherst, Ohio school bus driver went viral after going on a profanity-laced tirade at students. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Cellphone video of an Amherst, Ohio school bus driver quickly went viral after the woman went on a profanity-laced rant at students, leading her to promptly resign “effective immediately” while school officials were still conducting an investigation into the incident. The video, which was posted to TikTok, shows the frustrated driver parking the bus before making her way down the aisle, where she then yelled profanities at students.

“G*dd*mn it, how much more do you expect me to f*cking take?” the obviously fed-up school bus driver is heard asking as the footage begins. She then goes on to argue with a student about perfume. Although the student alleges that she was not spraying perfume, the driver is adamant that she can smell it. Things only escalate from there.

school bus driver
The fed-up school bus driver angrily pointed at students while yelling. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“I’m sick of you. I’m sick of all of this sh*t. I’m done with it! I’m gonna start kicking some f*cking serious *ss!” the bus driver shouts while pointing a stern finger. “Do you hear me? My foot’s going to be so far up your g*dd*amn *ss, it’s gonna dangle out your g*dd*man nose. I’m done with you!” the driver demands.

After shouting about the apparently overwhelming smell of the other student’s perfume once again, the driver explains that she is “allergic to this sh*t.” However, the student continues to argue, claiming she didn’t spray anything, but the driver obviously isn’t convinced, telling one of the students that they like to “start sh*t” and that they are not an “innocent angel.”

The fed-up school bus driver said she was ready to walk off the bus and let students walk home. (Stock image for visual representation only, Photo Credit: Pixabay)

“I’m done with this shit!” the fed-up driver yells, reiterating that she’s had enough. “Done! I’ve had my fill! I’m done with it! I’m ready to walk off this g*dd*mn bus right now and let you people walk the f*ck home!” she continues. “How much more do you think anybody can freaking take?” she asks before telling a student to “shut your mouth” as she points at the alleged culprit in anger.

“I don’t wanna hear another g*dd*mn word out of your mouth!” the bus driver yells before turning her back. At that point, an unintelligible mumble is heard from one of the students, prompting the driver to turn back around to address the students again. “Excuse me? What did I just f*cking tell you?” she asks before turning again.

A laugh, giggle, or snicker of some sort makes the bus driver turn around yet again. “You think it’s funny?” she asks. After telling the student that he is “full of sh*t,” she yells “Done!” repeatedly while heading back to the front of the bus. Then, she turns one last time and says, “Not another g*dd*mn word out of any of you!” As she begins driving the bus again, the driver can be heard yelling, “Somebody needs to come up on this bus and seriously kick some f*ckin’ ass!”

The video, which was posted to TikTok, went viral within 24 hours, according to WKYC. And, very quickly, the Amherst Exempted Village School District labeled the school bus driver’s behavior as “unacceptable,” calling the language used towards students “inappropriate” and “offensive.” According to Amherst Superintendent Mike Molnar, the following letter was sent to parents throughout the district:

Dear Amherst Parents,

This evening, I received a video circulating on social media of a bus driver using inappropriate and offensive language towards students. The behavior exhibited by the bus driver is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I have accepted the bus driver’s resignation effective immediately and the incident will be fully investigated. The actions of the bus driver do not represent the values and standards we uphold as a district and do not reflect our commitment to providing a safe, caring, and compassionate educational environment.

Moving forward, our Transportation Department will review its procedures to make sure we are handling situations appropriately for the safety of our students. The district will also continue to support our bus drivers with proper training and professional development.

As Superintendent, I will continue to focus my energy and efforts on creating a positive and safe environment for all students and staff. I believe that open communication and constructive feedback from our community help us create a stronger and more supportive environment. Thank you. [Source: WKYC]

school bus driver
A school bus driver’s focus should be on the road, not distracted by unruly students. (Stock image for visual representation, Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Unlike the school administrators, not everyone who viewed the video disapproved. In fact, “her stern words have gained her quite a number of fans on social media,” according to The Blaze. “100% team bus driver,” one TikTok user commented while another said, “Back to the basics. I love it. This was common when we were in school. You didn’t dare eff with the bus driver.”

Many others echoed the same sentiments, especially those in their 40s who remembered riding the school bus in the 90s, like myself. School bus drivers shouldn’t have to deal with nonsense, but if they are forced to, they are right to go off on the students causing problems, commenters seemed to agree. This woman and other school bus drivers like her are tasked with getting busloads of children to and from school safely. They need to focus on the road and not be distracted by students who are disrespectful and don’t know how to behave.