Shoplifter Beat 5 People, Judge Lets Her Off Due To Her ‘Vulnerabilities’

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In separate attacks, a woman brutally beat three nurses who were treating her. Two months later, she was arrested for assaulting two police officers after being caught shoplifting. Still, a sympathetic judge let her walk free after hearing about her “vulnerabilities.”

Sarah Jagger
Despite assaulting numerous people, Sarah Jagger has repeatedly earned the sympathy of the court. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

In light of several public incidents within a short amount of time, Sarah Jagger has proven herself to be a menace to society. However, the 31-year-old Briton seems to get the lion’s share of luck when it comes to leniency with the court.

While receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Manchester, Jagger assaulted three nurses who were assisting her. When she appeared before the Manchester Crown Court, she was given a 6-month jail sentence suspended for a year, according to The Sun. As such, she walked away from the courtroom a free woman.

“The nurse asked for a colleague to come with her to administer the medication, which the colleague did,” prosecutor Kate Hammond said. “But the defendant then grabbed her and kneed her in the head. The nurse ended up with excruciating pain and headaches. The other nurse tried to help but she was kneed and kicked to her side and grabbed by her right arm. Miss Jagger continued being violent, shouted at other nurses and threw a monitor and mobile phone at a member of staff.”

Sarah Jagger first assaulted three nurses who were trying to administer medical treatment but received a 6-month suspended jail sentence. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Two months later, Jagger was caught shoplifting at a Debenhams clothing store and police were called to the Oldham outlet. Unfortunately, the young mother wasn’t willing to go quietly. Instead of complying, she punched a female officer in the face and struck a male officer in the chest as they attempted to detain her. She also hurled racial epithets at the officers as they tried to do their job.

Jagger also caught the eye of local authorities when she physically assaulted a local shop worker and, later, her own roommate at her home in Harpurhey, kicking the woman in the head and causing her to fall to the floor. Despite several more attacks added to her record, she was repeatedly given bail.

Sarah Jagger assaulted two police officers after being caught shoplifting. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Jagger again appeared before the Manchester Crown Court for her violent behavior, facing years in prison for several assault charges. However, Jagger was given the deal of a lifetime even after expressing no remorse for her actions and deflecting the blame on her victims.

Appearing via video link, Jagger wept as she told the judge at Manchester Crown Court, “It is just these people – they get me angry all the time. I just get outbursts. I am scared about what to do and that is why I am trying to get the help. I was poorly judge.”

Jagger was once again given a 6-month suspended jail sentence, despite proving to the court that she had learned nothing from her previous lenient sentence. Incredibly, her defense lawyer managed to convince the judge that Jagger was the victim of “numerous vulnerabilities,” including long-term drug use and anger issues, which was apparently enough to earn her freedom.

Defence barrister Zoe Dawson said, “The defendant has numerous vulnerabilities and at the time she was under the influence of drugs which she had been taking for a number of years. It is clear that she has been engaging with mental health workers, which is significant because she hasn’t really engaged with them for a long period of time.”

Sarah Jagger was once again given a 6-month suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to assault by beating, theft, and racially aggravated threatening behavior. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Judge Anthony Cross agreed to suspend Jagger’s prison sentence for a second time after she pleaded guilty to assault by beating, theft, and racially aggravated threatening behavior.

Passing sentence Judge Anthony Cross QC said, “Your behaviour has affected the lives of a number of people who were doing nothing more than going about their daily business. You have got to understand that your actions have consequences. But you can be very grateful to have been given another chance.”

The prosecution failed to convince the judge that Jagger hadn’t learned from her actions. Even the disturbing details of her assault on the arresting officers did little to sway the court in their favor.

“She punched a police officer who suffered swelling and bruises to her face and the defendant was pulled to the floor. But she continued to be violent and while handcuffed she struck another police officer in the chest. The female officer was unable to undertake duties due to injuries to her face. She couldn’t wear her usual earpiece and she was embarrassed,” Hammond said. “Jagger also abused the two security guards calling one a ‘curry-munching b****d’ and the other a ‘white b****d.'”

Sarah Jagger
Despite blaming her victims for making her angry, Sarah Jagger has once again walked free. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Jagger has brutally assaulted a total of 7 people in a short amount of time. She has treated police custody and the court system like a revolving door with her antics. Still, she continues to receive leniency that is rarely afforded to re-offenders.

She is seeking help for possible underlying mental health issues, but her insistence on placing the blame upon those she attacks is evidence that she hasn’t learned her lesson. Sadly, the court doesn’t see it that way.