Intruder ‘High On Drugs’ Rushes Into Garage As Girls Play Near Mom

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An intruder “high on drugs” rushed into the garage of an unsuspecting family as two young girls played near their mom. Unfortunately for him, he’d realize he had just made a big mistake when it was too late, but luckily for us, it was all caught on surveillance video.

A California mother was in an open garage with her children when an intruder came running towards them. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Rasmuss Peter Rasmussen, a 31-year-old California man, was allegedly “high on drugs” when he crossed paths with a mother and her children. While allegedly under the influence, Rasmussen came running at the mom and her two young girls, aged just 5 and 6. Unfortunately for him, he had picked the wrong mama bear to try to cross as he’d quickly learn the hard way.

The mother, who did not want to reveal her name, was in a friend’s garage, relaxing with her three young children when the shocking incident unfolded. As her 5- and 6-year-old daughters played near her in the garage in Rancho Cucamonga, California on a weekend evening, the mom sat by an electric fire pit with her one-year-old son near the open door. Then, something caught her eye. A man she did not know was charging towards them from the street.

As seen in the heart-stopping video footage captured by a surveillance camera, a stranger — later identified as Rasmuss Rasmussen — suddenly came running at the mom and her two young daughters as the girls played in the friend’s open garage. As one of the woman’s daughters was standing near the entrance to the garage, Rasmussen, who was allegedly “high on drugs,” barrelled towards the child.

Although Rasmussen was fast, entering the garage in the blink of an eye, the mom was faster, as the intruder very quickly found out. Within seconds of the seemingly crazed man entering the garage, the California mom jumped to her feet, leaping into action to protect her children. Very quickly, she got between the suspect and her kids before tackling the “unhinged intruder,” the Daily Mail reported.

The mom leaps to her foot after spotting the intruder barreling towards her and her children. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Rasmuss Rasmussen
The mom immediately leaps into action, tackling the man, later identified as Rasmuss Rasmussen. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“Get away from my kids!” the frightened mother bellowed at the unwelcomed guest as she tackled him. “I seen [sic] him coming into the driveway and my first instinct was just to block him to give my kids enough time to get away,” she recalled, according to CBS Los Angeles. “I thought he was gonna take my girls. I also had my one-year-old in the background in a high chair.”

Hoping to give her girls time to get away, the woman held Rasmussen after grabbing him by the neck. Thankfully, help was already on the way as the woman’s husband and a family friend is seen pulling into the driveway while she scuffled with the suspect. Her husband and the family friend quickly came to her aid, hurling the suspect to the ground and smashing him into the firepit.

The mom grabbed Rasmuss Rasmussen and held him as help arrived. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Rasmuss Rasmussen
The woman’s husband and a family friend come to her aid, hurling Rasmuss Rasmussen to the ground. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After the suspect’s escape was successfully thwarted, police were summoned to the scene. Rasmuss Rasmussen, who investigators described as “incoherent,” was arrested and charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance. According to police, the suspect did not know where he was and he could not answer any of their questions. Sadly, this is where the story takes an even more shocking turn.

After police cited Rasmussen for the misdemeanor drug charge, he was let go. Of course, this didn’t sit well with the mom who helped subdue him. “I don’t think that’s enough,” she said. “I think he should go to jail and stay in jail,” she added, and who can blame her? This man was so out of his mind on drugs that he endangered an innocent family. At a minimum, he should have been committed to a rehab facility after proving he is a danger to himself and others. While this mama bear deserves kudos for a job well done, the State of California most certainly does not.