Police Descend Upon BBQ To Prevent Muslims From Getting Offended

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A group was having an outdoor barbecue on public property when their gathering was suddenly interrupted by a police presence. Unfortunately, the gatherers quickly discovered that they would no longer be able to grill their food because local Muslims could become offended.

Police descended upon an outdoor barbecue to prevent local Muslims from taking offense. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

In response to a large Islam-themed street festival attended by around 400 Muslims, a local right-wing group called Pro-Chemnitz decided to hold a barbecue nearby in the German town. The political group intended for the gathering to be nothing more than a peaceful protest in which to celebrate their German values. What they found was quite the opposite.

According to Leipziger Volkszeitung, police descended upon the peaceful gathering of approximately 60 people once they discovered that they were grilling a small suckling pig along with other meats. The authorities were worried that the Muslims would find the sight of the cooking pig offensive, and they sought to shut down the barbecue entirely.

Police threatened to shut down the barbecue. (Photo Credit: Facebook)
The protesters were forced to carve up the pig into small pieces so as to not offend the nearby Muslims. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The group was only allowed to continue their cookout if they agreed to “disassemble” the suckling pig in front of the police so that it no longer looked like a pig or even resembled pork. The group complied, carving up the pig so that it wouldn’t reach their Muslim neighbors’ line of vision.

“The grill is burning at the red tower and we are strictly adhering to the instructions: no whole animals (the piglet has neither legs nor tail) and no individual pig heads on display,” Pro-Chemnitz wrote on its Facebook page.

Although the group complied with the regulation, which was not confirmed to be part of any local ordinance, they quickly realized that their troubles were just beginning. After the gatherers wrapped up their barbecue, a Syrian asylum seeker attacked them with a knife, stabbing at least one of the protesters in the side.

“Two of us were in the city in the evening when a Syrian wanted to fight. Then a knife came into the game from the Syrian side. The Syrian tried to stab one of our men in the side, but he only minorly injured. The other one of our men then stopped the attacker but was nearly stabbed several times in the head,” Pro-Chemnitz wrote.

A Syrian asylum seeker attacked the protesters with a knife. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The right-leaning media is reporting that the Syrian man is under investigation for two counts of attempted manslaughter. However, the left-leaning media has chosen to focus on the protesters, who have been identified as being “deeply rooted in the right-wing extremist scene.”

The official police report seems to downplay the incident and completely omitted the culprit’s background, according to Jounalisten Watch.

“Late on Saturday evening there was a verbal confrontation between two men escalating on Rathausstraße/Bahnhofstraße when a participating 18-year-old pulled out a knife and injured a 41-year-old by the hand. The knife was then knocked out of the victim’s hand. The wound was treated as an outpatient injury by the ambulance. Charges against the 18-year-old were determined because of the suspicion of dangerous bodily injury. “

Apparently, in Chemnitz, citizens can only eat pork outdoors if it doesn’t look like pork. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

The protesters are being called extremists, despite the fact that they never initiated any violence or threats toward their Muslim counterparts. Mainstream media have also refused to denounce the violence directed at the protesters, likely out of fear of being labeled racist or Islamophobic.

German culture is slowly being eroded and replaced. Sadly, this change is being facilitated by the country’s own civil servants as citizens strive to hold onto any semblance of their Western values.