Teens Think They Are ‘Sexy’ Twerking On Camera — Then, Mom Walks In

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Two girls, presumed to be teens, thought they’d put on a sexy show for their social media fans. With the camera rolling, they began to twerk on video, no doubt thinking they were sexy. Then, mom walked in, and everything changed in an instant.

Julie and Ñaña from the Instagram account “Premixsis” (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Premixsis,” an Instagram account featuring two sisters named Julie and Ñaña, posted the sexy little stunt on social media. But, after viewing the footage, it’s safe to say things didn’t go as expected when the pair decided to perfect their twerking in front of a webcam.

They got a sensational, viral video, alright, and it certainly did garner a lot of attention. But, sadly for these girls, the focus wasn’t on their backsides as they might have hoped.

Premixsis’ Ñaña and Julie aren’t shy at all about trying to be sexy for their social media fans. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The wannabe Instagram sensations got more than they bargained for when mom walked in. It looks like all this mom wanted to do was finish up some laundry, but she got an eyeful when she opened the door to the room where, unbeknownst to her, her daughters were working on their dance moves.

With their rumps poking out, Julie and her younger sister Ñaña were really giving a show, shaking their booties for strangers on the internet. Mom’s reaction, though, was perfect, to say the least.

Seeing the girls flaunting their bodies, mom was quick to let them know exactly how she felt about it. Furious, she whipped off her slipper to beat the saucy acting teens across their backside before using her hip to shove over Ñaña, the girl closest to the camera. She certainly let them have it, teaching them a lesson they won’t soon forget.

The footage is great by itself, but the screenshots, capturing still frames of Julie’s reaction to her slipper whipping makes it all the better. Although you initially hear the girls giggling as they get an old-fashioned whooping, Julie’s facial expression and the screams that followed that quick moment of laughter prove she wasn’t finding it too funny for very long.

2 Teens Make Twerking For Premixsis — Then, Mom Walks In
Julie, from the Instagram account Premixsis, gets whipped with her mom’s slipper. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

After catching the girls’ provocative dance as music played in the background, this mom meant business. The girls both scream out in shock as their dance routine was interrupted, and one can be seen trying to evade a second smack before the clip comes to an end.

Even as the girls try to dodge her blows, their mom had no problem staying focused on the whipping she was dishing out. In fact, many viewers have pointed out and commended the mom for not once dropping the laundry basket she was carrying when she entered the room. “I love that she didn’t even put down the laundry,” one social media said as another praised the woman’s “multi-tasking,” according to Daily Mail.

2 Teens Make Twerking For Premixsis — Then, Mom Walks In
When mom entered the room, catching “Premixsis” during their dance routine, she was carrying a laundry basket. Not once does it slip from her grip as she gives the girls a whipping with her slipper. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Many have sided with the angry mom, applauding her for disciplining the girls after seeing their inappropriate behavior. If the girls, who are believed to be Spanish, are teens as it is also presumed, this mother had every right to be irate.

Sadly, however, they apparently didn’t lose their online privileges since they were still able to post the clip to their multiple social media accounts. Of course, as is always the case with videos like this, this leads some to question whether it could have been staged.

Ñaña and Julie both seem to hope to grow a social media following by using their attractive appearances. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Even so, people are pleased to see what appears to be a parent taking control instead of turning a blind eye to the “girls gone wild” social media culture so many teens are allowed to get away with.

However, I have to point out that this isn’t the only or the first questionable clip or image these young ladies have posted. Modesty is missing from their Instagram personas. Instead, being provocative seems to be their goal.

2 Teens Make Twerking For Premixsis — Then, Mom Walks In
Although the girls, especially Ñaña (left), appear to be extremely young, they don’t seem shy about trying to appear sexy for their social media fans. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

So, perhaps it is time for mom to put down the laundry basket after all and pick up a cell phone or computer to see what her children have been posting. In all honesty, had she done that, this stunt probably wouldn’t have surprised her all that much.

Let this be a lesson to the rest of us. Don’t wait until you walk in on a video, possibly being live-streamed to the web, to know what’s being posted by your kids on their social media accounts. Take a look now, and don’t forget to remind your fellow parents to do the same. Once it’s online, it never really goes away.