Dashcam Video Shows Police Chase Suspect Open Fire On Cops

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A terrifying dashcam video captured the moment a police chase suspect opened fire. Needless to say, it didn’t end well, and the graphic footage will leave your pulse pounding.

Carroll Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Jay Repetto, from left, Carrollton PD Sgt. Rob Holloway, Villa Rica PD Officer Chase Gordy (Photo Credit: Police provided)

Pier Shelton, a 28-year-old Birmingham, Alabama man, and his 22-year-old cousin, Aaron Jajuan Shelton, learned the hard way that fleeing from the law is a bad idea. Turning a police chase into a shootout — regardless of how heavily a criminal may be armed — is even worse as they’d also find out — and it was all captured on pulse-pounding dashcam video.

It all began when a Georgia State Patrol trooper clocked a 2015 Nissan Sentra speeding at 111 mph on Interstate 20 in Bremen, Georgia, at approximately 3:30 am on a Monday morning. The officer pulled the vehicle over, but the driver decided to speed off as the trooper approached the car, according to The Blaze. Very quickly, things went from bad to worse after a high-speed chase ensued.

Pier Shelton
The high-speed pursuit led to a shootout between the suspect, armed with an AK-47, and police. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While chasing the Sentra, the trooper bumped the vehicle in an attempt to disable it, but the driver of the vehicle was able to regain control and proceed. When the officer attempted to bump the Sentra a second time, a passenger, believed to be Pier Shelton, “leaned out of the front passenger window and began firing at the trooper with a rifle,” according to a news release from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

Although the trooper’s patrol car was reportedly disabled after being riddled with bullets, the chase continued across multiple cities with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, the Carrollton Police Department, and the Villa Rica Police Department joining the pursuit near the border of Alabama. As the passenger continued to spray gunfire at cops during the high-speed pursuit, Carrollton Police Sgt. Rob Holloway was shot and lost control of his patrol car, which struck a utility pole.

Pier Shelton
A police cruiser was left riddled with bullets. (Photo Credit: New Jersey State PBA/Twitter)

The pursuit continued at a high rate of speed until the Nissan Sentra crashed near Ithica Elementary School in Villa Rica. Both men ran from the vehicle, resulting in a search for them. At approximately 5 am, Villa Rica officer Chase Gordy was also shot. Shortly after, Corporal Jamison Troutt and Deputy Jay Repetto from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office drove up to his cruiser.

That’s when Pier Shelton appeared out of the dark woods and suddenly pulled out an AK-47. Dashcam video captured the terrifying ordeal. The chilling footage of the dangerous situation has since been released to the public by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

As Corporal Jamison Troutt and Deputy Jay Repetto got closer, Pier Shelton emerged out of the dark woods with an AK-47 and unleashed a hail of bullets at the officers, shooting Repetto in the arm — making him the third officer shot during the terrifying ordeal. Luckily, the gunman had terrible aim. The same can’t be said for the officers as Pier Shelton was fatally shot by law enforcement.

“Corporal Troutt and Deputy Repetto returned fire and stopped the threat in a matter of seconds which allowed first responders to render aide [sic] to Officer Gordy who had been shot multiple times,” the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office explained in a post on Facebook. “If not for the heroic efforts of all Officers and agencies involved and to Corporal Troutt and Deputy Repetto for stopping the suspect, this incident could have resulted in more Officers being injured or killed and the suspects could have posed an even bigger threat to the public as this occurred in a residential area.”

Pier Shelton died at the scene and Aaron Jajuan Shelton — the getaway driver during the chase, according to warrants per 11 Alive — was apprehended a short time later and taken into custody. He was charged with five counts of aggravated assault and three counts of aggravated battery. He was booked into the Carroll County Jail and denied bond.

Aaron Jajuan Shelton (Photo Credit: Carroll County Sheriff’s Office)

“Sergeant Holloway and Officer Gordy were transported to Grady Hospital in Atlanta for their injuries while Deputy Repetto was transported, treated and released from Atlanta Medical Center,” according to GBI. According to a statement from Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley shortly after the incident, the officers were expected to recover.

In his statement, Sheriff Langley pointed out that the situation “could have been a lot worse,” and while speaking to WSB-TV, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Ashley Hulsey echoed similar sentiments. “Watching the video, it really sent chills up my spine,” she said. Indeed, this is the horrifying reality officers face. The danger for all law enforcement is real, and they never know when things will take a potentially deadly turn.