‘Peeping Tom’ Peers Through Texas Woman’s Window, But She Spots Him

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An alleged “peeping Tom” quickly realized he had made a grave error when he decided to peer through a Houston woman’s window. Unfortunately for him, he was spotted, and the target of his unwanted attention was none too pleased. Deciding she would not be a victim, she quickly turned the tables.

peeping tom
An unnamed Texas woman was in her bedroom on Irvington Boulevard in Houston when she suddenly spotted a stranger outside. (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

An unnamed Texas woman was in her bedroom on Irvington Boulevard in Houston when she suddenly spotted a stranger outside, the Daily Mail reported. The man was peering through her bedroom window at approximately 11:15 pm on a Friday night, making the woman rightfully fearful, but she was not about to let herself become a victim of the alleged “peeping Tom.”

“There was an adult female that was in one of the bedrooms observed him looking into her window. She was in fear,” Houston Police Lt. R. Willkens said while speaking to KTRK. Believing she was in imminent danger, the Houston woman grabbed her rifle, and that’s when things took a turn for the worst for the “peeping Tom.”

Stock image (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

“She had a rifle. She shot numerous times through the wall [and] ended up striking the male,” Lt. Willkens said, describing how the woman fired several shots through the exterior bedroom wall of her home in self-defense. The barrage of rifle fire proved effective with the suspect being struck at least once in the torso. Newsweek reported he “had been shot several times.”

Officers rushed to a home in the 8900 block of Irvington Boulevard after shots were heard at about 11:30 p.m. According to authorities, the man staggered a short distance away from the house after he was struck by gunfire, but he didn’t get far. “The male ran for a little ways and passed out over here,” Lt. Willkens explained while speaking to reporters at the scene of the shooting.

peeping tom
Houston Police Lt. R. Willkens (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When police arrived at the scene following the shooting, they found the man lying outside of the house after being shot by the female homeowner. After stumbling a short distance in his apparent attempt to get away, the suspect had collapsed in the woman’s driveway, where he was found by officers. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“North officers are at a shooting scene 8900 Irvington. Adult male deceased at the scene,” the Houston Police Department tweeted the following day, confirming the fatal shooting.

Although his identity was not immediately disclosed, police say they do not believe there was any relation between the suspect or the woman who shot and killed him. The unnamed female homeowner was reportedly cooperating with police, and no charges had been filed in relation to the shooting.

Ironically, some outlets seemingly chose to decry Texas’s “Constitutional Carry,” which allows law-abiding Texans to legally carry a handgun without a license. “Houston has seen an uptick in violent crimes and shootings,” Newsweek reported before giving statistics on homicides, saying Houston had seen the “highest number of homicides in the city since 2005” while also reporting on the gun legislation signed off by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The two, however, are not related since the law had just recently gone into effect less than 2 weeks before this shooting, and the statistics quoted were homicides that were recorded in the city over the last year. This wasn’t a random shooter, out and about with a gun, killing innocent people. This was a woman, in her own home, in her own bedroom, who shot a potentially dangerous criminal in self-defense after he made her fear for her life.

Houston police officers at the scene of the shooting. (Photo Credit: Houston Police)

Sadly, rather than thanking God and being grateful for the Second Amendment that allowed this woman to defend herself in her own home, some news outlets appear to have tried to take a swipe at Texas’s so-called “lenient” gun legislation, as if it was somehow upsetting that a criminal was killed by a law-abiding citizen.

While some seemed to attempt to utilize this story and the statistics on violence and homicide to lambaste Constitutional Carry, they fail to realize that such facts actually support the need for our Second Amendment. After all, who knows how this story may have ended if this woman wasn’t armed. Would the “peeping Tom” have done something more than look? Thankfully, we don’t have to wonder, and she’s alive and well.