‘Peace Symbol’ On Bumper Sticker Leaves Gun Control Activists Outraged

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If there’s one thing that’s constantly debated in America, it’s our Second Amendment. Our country is seemingly split down the middle. The constant controversy makes one Texas truck’s bumper sticker and the message it sends a hot-button issue, and its sentiments are sure to outrage gun control activists.

Peace Symbol On Bumper Sticker Leaves Gun Control Activists Outraged
Gun ownership and the Second Amendment is a hotly debated issue in America. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Despite the fact that some studies have suggested that increased gun ownership actually leads to a reduced crime rate and gun owners claiming that the mere sight of a gun is usually enough to deter someone from trying to cause harm since most people aren’t looking to get shot, not everyone agrees with our right to bear arms. That’s why a “peace symbol” on one Texas bumper sticker has created controversy.

To fully understand the sentiments behind the sticker, you have to understand that many believe you can’t always talk your way out of a situation or use negotiation to end a threat. Rather, you may need to meet force with force or, in other words, achieve “peace through superior firepower.” This is the mentality behind what appears on the back of a man’s truck in Texas, which is quite relevant to the peace process both here at home and abroad.

Peace Symbol On Bumper Sticker Leaves Gun Control Activists Outraged
The back of a Texas truck, which bears controversial messages on both its tailgate and bumper. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Obviously a Second Amendment supporter and gun lover, people first notice what appears to be a magnet on the tailgate of the truck that takes a shot — no pun intended — at what some have come to believe is a government-induced ammo shortage, causing ammo prices to skyrocket due to the constant criticism of our Second Amendment and the nonstop threat of increased gun control over the last decade.

“Due to price increase on ammo, do not expect a warning shot! Sorry but times are hard,” the first message many see on the truck read, along with an image of a hand holding a gun pointed out you. However, the “peace symbol” just underneath, seen on the bumper, is even much more likely to drive the gun control crowd nuts since it shows the crosshairs of a rifle scope with the words, “This Is My Peace Symbol.”

Peace Symbol On Bumper Sticker Leaves Gun Control Activists Outraged
A close-up of the bumper sticker (Photo Credit: U.S. Tactical Supply)

For gun-owning Americans who love the sentiments and want to display them on their own vehicle, the bumper sticker, which is made in America and measures 9.25 x 2.625 inches, is available for purchase from U.S. Tactical Supply online for a measly $1.50. The site adds, “This glorious bumper sticker is a great way to share your thoughts with friends and family!”

Although this is something that will resonate with gun owners across America and it’s on a vehicle from the predominantly conservative state of Texas, those who find our gun laws to be too lax, especially in light of recent events, are not going to like the sentiments expressed. Simply put, it’s sure to set off those who demand increased gun control.

Peace Symbol On Bumper Sticker Leaves Gun Control Activists Outraged
While gun owners in America may support the bumper sticker’s message, advocates of gun control are sure to detest its sentiments. (Stock Image, Photo Credit: Pixabay)

The image of the bumper sticker, which was first seen on Twitter, was dug up by many alternative news outlets that promote a conservative-leaning message. Many of those have made the point that only when our enemies are dead, or at least know that they are in our sights, can there be a reasonable expectation of peace. Although it might actually be nice to think that there is some other way to achieve peace between nations, history has proven time and time again that this is simply not the case.

Clearly, a strong military is needed to ensure the safety of citizens. The only way to achieve long-lasting peace between nations is through strength and superior firepower. Some would argue that the same principle applies to average citizens. They need to be armed to protect themselves from those who would harm them in their own community. Where do you stand on this issue? Does everyone have the right to own a gun, or should that privilege be just for the military and law enforcement?