’Party Princess’ Keeps Punching Guy and Laughs, So He Hits Her Back

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When a “party princess” had a little too much to drink, she decided to get a little handsy with one of the guys, striking him in the head repeatedly for her own twisted amusement. She thought that she could do anything she wanted, but that’s when he finally stood up. Check out the video and decide if his reaction was warranted.

Guy Fed Up With Party Princess Punching Him Does Something About It
The “party princess” is looking pleased after striking an unsuspecting male. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Excessive drinking is a real problem for some young adults. The mind-impairing beverage, mixed with raging hormones and an underdeveloped thought process, often ends with unpleasant consequences. In a video of one such situation, a “party princess” was empowered by liquid courage and thought she could do whatever she wanted without repercussions. However, she learned that she was sadly mistaken.

The video was uploaded to Live Leak, and the description simply read, “Princesses like this one think they can get away with murder.” The girl can be seen in the video, heavily intoxicated, seeming to be intent on a physical confrontation with a young man at a small party.

Guy Fed Up With Party Princess Punching Him Does Something About It
The “party princess” struck this unsuspecting male, making him bleed. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After the girl delivers several blows to the guy’s head, landing at least one on his face while laughing the whole time, he finally had just about enough. He stood up, ready to defend himself if necessary. Meanwhile, we see that her shirt makes the claim that “Real Women Drink Beer,” but a real woman would keep her hands to herself instead of starting an unprovoked physical altercation. But, I digress.

In an attempt to calm the quickly escalating situation, another guy at the party wraps his arms around the aggressive girl in a seemingly restrictive manner, as she continues to antagonize the guy whom she recently popped in the face. The fed up guy finally snaps, lunges forward, and slugs her in the mouth.

As expected, the man is immediately criticized for crossing the line by his pals. However, people seem to forget that when the whole “never hit a lady” thing started, a lady would NEVER hit a man because it was unladylike. When women start acting like men, should they get the same treatment? If they had both been guys or both been girls, would anyone have a problem with this video? Probably not.

It can be later seen in the clip that the swing must have had some force behind it, as it resulted in the girl receiving a bloody lip. Did you notice how her attitude changes after she gets hit? She goes from being brave to being shocked. Unsurprisingly, the situation was no longer funny when she was on the receiving end.

Guy Fed Up With Party Princess Punching Him Does Something About It
The “party princess” shows the bloody lip she received after striking an unsuspecting male. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The video, which has been making its rounds on social media, has stirred up a heavy debate. While some claim this is evidence that chivalry is dead, others point out that the “party princess” should have acted more like a lady if she expected to be treated like one. We also can’t ignore the fact that she admits to only being seventeen, so she should have never been in this situation, to begin with. Where are her parents?

There’s no arguing that she antagonized the guy who eventually hit her, but there were moments that he could have easily walked away and left the party. What’s more, the moment he chose to pop her in the mouth, even if you do believe she deserved it, her arms were pinned down by her side. However, the video does raise a few other valid questions. Is it ever acceptable to hit a woman? Do men have the right to protect themselves regardless of the gender of their aggressor?