Children’s Throats Slit When They Discover Mom’s New Sex Partner

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Police found two young children, a boy and a girl, with their throats slit only to discover that it was all because the siblings stumbled upon their mother’s dark secret.

Najat: Children Killed When They Discover Mother Dirty Little Secret
A mother commissioned the murder of her own children in an attempt to conceal her dirty secret. (Photo Credit: Tex Texin/Wikimedia)

For most parents, there’s nothing their children could do that would make them less inclined to love them, much less bring them physical harm. However, there will always be those rare monsters who are willing to sacrifice their own flesh and blood in order to keep their darkest secret hidden from the world.

For one mother, it wasn’t what her children did but what they saw her doing that led to an incredibly gruesome end. Unfortunately for everyone involved, not only did her children suffer an unimaginable fate, it still wasn’t enough to keep her dirty habit from getting out.

Najat: Children Killed When They Discover Mother Dirty Little Secret
The murders took place in an apartment in Cairo, Egypt. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

In the Egyptian capital of Cairo, police encountered an exceptionally grisly scene when they found a pair of children slaughtered at their own mother’s behest. The children, a 5-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl, had bled to death from having their throats slit in their own home.

Even more disturbing was the reason for their murders. According to Emirates 24/7, the mother, a 31-year-old newspaper aid named Najat, coerced her lover to kill her children after the youngsters accidentally spotted them in bed together.

Najat: Children Killed When They Discover Mother Dirty Little Secret
After the children caught their mother in bed with her lover, she coerced her boyfriend to slit their throats. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Najat wanted her secret to stay a secret.

First, the boy Mohammed caught his mother and her boyfriend in the bedroom she shares with her husband. Upset by what he saw, her son vowed to tell his father and his uncle about their escapade. When he prepared to go to his uncle, who lived in a nearby apartment, the lover grabbed the boy and cut his throat at Najat’s command.

The screams from Mohammed apparently woke the daughter, who came to see what the noise was about. Expectedly, once she saw her younger brother’s corpse, she too began to scream. It was then that the mother prompted her boyfriend to murder the daughter in the same way he had killed her young son.

Najat: Children Killed When They Discover Mother Dirty Little Secret
Despite murdering her own children, the mother’s secret affair was discovered. (Photo credit: Michael Coghlan/Wikimedia)

Police confirmed that Najat had coaxed her lover to murder her own children in an effort to ensure that her affair remained a secret. A police spokesman told the local media that Najat confessed that “when her daughter woke up and saw what happened, she asked her lover to silence her.”

While the senseless murder of innocent children is disturbing enough, the fact that their own mother commissioned their deaths to conceal her own wrongdoing is even more unsettling. Now, she must live knowing that she is responsible for the murder of her children in a failed effort to save her own skin.