‘Armed’ Robber Tries Holding Up Nail Salon, But No Ones Cares

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A man walked into a nail salon, thinking it would be an easy location to rob. When he ordered everyone to hand over their money, he quickly realized he had chosen the worst possible target.

A hopeful thief got more than he bargained for when he tried to rob Nail First in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A surveillance camera captured the moment a man attempted and failed to rob Nail First salon in Atlanta, Georgia, NBC News reports. The unidentified culprit casually strolled inside and shouted at the customers and employees to get on the ground and hand over their cash. Hilariously, his presence didn’t even make an impact.

When a criminal scopes out the perfect spot to carry out their nefarious plan, they typically expect their victims to cower in fear, especially if they have a weapon. However, for this would-be robber, his intended target turned out to be a humiliating failure.

The robber repeatedly ordered everyone to get on the ground and hand over their money but was ignored. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The suspect entered Nail First while holding a purse, keeping his hand inside the bag to convince his victims that he has a gun inside. He then pointed the purse around the room and made his demands clear.

“Everybody get down! Give me all your money! Empty out your wallets! Give me all your money!” the suspect yells at the confused customers.

At that moment, no one moved from their seat. In fact, no one even batted an eye. Despite repeatedly shouting orders in the most intimidating tone he can muster, the hopeful thief was met with apathetic silence.

The robber then spotted the employee behind the register and proceeded to harass him as well. Of course, his endeavor against the man was just as fruitless as his attempt to coerce the customers.

“Come here!” he yelled at the employee. “Where’s the money?”

“Hello?” the perplexed employee replied while still on the phone with another customer.

One of the women then quietly stood up from her seat and headed for the door, catching the suspect’s attention. He once again tried to force her to hand over her wallet, which fell flat as she ignored his demand and continued outside.

“Give me the money! Where’s the money?” he asked the woman, who merely shrugs.

The man fled Nail First with a stolen cell phone, which was later recovered. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After making one last attempt at demanding everyone give up their money, he paused defeatedly and retreated out the door empty-handed. He then got into a silver sedan and sped away. Police say the robber managed to make off with someone’s cell phone, but they confirmed it was later recovered, adding to his humiliation, KABC reports.

The video has since gone viral, and internet users are relentlessly mocking the suspect’s embarrassingly bad attempt at robbing a defenseless business.

“Ain’t nobody trying to ruin their nails. Bruh picked the wrong spot,” one person wrote.

“I like how the shop owner just takes the call on the phone and completes the appointment. People are chill to the drama,” another commented.

“This is Atlanta…you gonna rob people, you better be committed,” another wrote.

The video of the failed robbery has gone viral, earning the suspect brutal mockery. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

You do have to wonder what was really in the bag. No one even reacted. It didn’t seem as if they even blinked. You never see a robbery where the crook just gets up and walks right back out of the store.

The suspect has certainly earned the title of “worst criminal.” Anyone who believes they can take what others have worked hard to earn deserves to walk away empty-handed and ashamed.