State Attorney Gives Plea Deal To Man Who Tried To Murder His Ex

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After a man admitted that he tried to murder his ex-girlfriend and two of her roommates in a fire, a state attorney gave him an unbelievable plea deal. The arsonist has since come forward to say that even he thinks the deal was outrageous.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby faced scrutiny for her outrageous plea deal with a man who tried to murder his ex-girlfriend and her two roommates. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been salivated over by the mainstream media for years. However, a recent conviction caused citizens to take a closer look at her prosecution record and voice their outrage over what seems to be a gross abuse of justice.

Obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Alexis, Luther Moody Trent went to the home she shared with her two roommates and set fire to the abode while they slept. The apartment was engulfed in flames from the bottom up, and the residents were lucky to escape alive.

Marilyn Mosby
Luther Moody Trent set fire to the apartment Alexis shared with her roommates. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Trent was later arrested and charged with 18 felonies, including 3 counts of attempted murder. However, as time passed, his charges dropped one-by-one, and it’s all thanks to Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. Her office negotiated a plea deal in which Trent would receive just one count of first-degree arson, allowing him to walk free with a 10-year suspended sentence after serving less than six months.

Trent explained that he returned to the blaze because he “wanted to see what I did,” and he showed no remorse as he talked about the arson to WBFF. He also unabashedly admitted his intent was to kill his ex.

“In my head, it was some Romeo and Juliet type of thing – if I can’t have you, no one can have you, at least in Baltimore,” Trent explained. “I went to the side of the house and poured gasoline on the side of the house. The love of my life is in Baltimore. I know where she lives at. And I can’t even talk to her. Can’t say nothing to her.”

Trent expressed his surprise at Mosby’s generous offer. He told the media that it gives criminals confirmation that they can commit heinous acts of violence and not have to suffer the consequences.

“I’m like oh, I was just charged with 18 different counts. And then it was dropped to 10. And then it was dropped to one. When I shouldn’t be out right now,” Trent said. “That tells that anybody that ‘I can go shoot somebody or I can attempt to shoot somebody, and I’ll be completely fine.’ It would empower me because I would be like, okay, this man just shot somebody, just blew his head off and he’s just out walking free. I can do anything I want. I can rob somebody, I can shoot somebody, I can do anything I want.”

Trent ended the interview by criticizing Mosby’s plea deal, admitting that he should have received jail time for the crimes he committed.

“I disrupted somebody’s life. I traumatized somebody because of how I felt in a situation,” Trent told WBFF. “Personally, yes, I want to be out but principally, no I shouldn’t be out because I could have done a lot more damage than I did. I was expecting to get time. People who were in that situation, they should expect to get time.”

Luther Moody Trent’s victim, Alexis, says Marilyn Mosby’s plea deal was part of a “political game.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Trent’s victim agreed that the state attorney mishandled her case and didn’t deliver justice. Alexis suggested that the plea deal was part of some “political game” that resulted in her attempted killer going free.

“I was in shock. I didn’t really know what to feel,” she said after Trent was sentenced and released. “It doesn’t seem like justice was served, it feels like a political game, but not my justice.”

Alexis requested a protective order after she received threatening text messages. She also accused Trent of rape, but she said Mosby’s office told her they wouldn’t file charges against him because she hadn’t received a rape kit.

“Because I had not, he said it would be nearly impossible for that charge to be brought against him,” Alexis said. “I was confused because I was thinking that the law has mechanisms in place for something like this to be part of the case and I was just like – really, upset and angry because that had happened to me.”

Marilyn Mosby
Marilyn Mosby allowed an attempted murderer to not only walk free but also to feel emboldened to commit violence. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Mosby’s office has defended the decision to free a man who admits to trying to murder his ex and two other people. The office cited his lack of a prior criminal record and a court order to stay away from his victim.

Mosby’s deal allowed a dangerous man to walk free and his victim to live in fear — all seemingly for the sake of bolstering her office’s prosecution record. There is no justice in that, and even the man she freed has admitted as much.