Woman Claims That 7 Words Prove Your Man Is Cheating On You

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a failproof litmus test to determine whether or not your significant other is cheating? According to one woman, there is, and it comes down to just 7 words that have now divided the internet.

Mariah Fernando
Mariah Fernando (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Mariah Fernando, an Instagram influencer who has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on the platform, divided social media when she posted a video in which she claimed that one sentence proves your partner was cheating on you, the New York Post reported. It’s a simple enough phrase that we’ve all heard at one time or another, but when used by a man being confronted about being unfaithful, it likely means the worst, the social media influencer alleged.

To run the “test,” a woman must already be suspicious and have allegations with which they want to confront their partner. After questioning the man’s fidelity, if he uses the phrase “Go ahead and believe what you want,” this is supposedly very bad news. According to Fernando, the seven-word sentence, if muttered by your man when confronted about his fidelity, is a telltale sign that he’s probably been unfaithful and has just been busted.

“If you’re confronting your man for cheating and he says [that], I hate to break it to you ladies, but that man is guilty. He is guilty,” the 23-year-old influencer declared in the short video clip, which quickly received tens of thousands of likes from viewers who agreed with the sentiment. Those viewers were also quick to sound off in the comments.

“So true. I remember hearing this. Never let a man turn you into [fictional detective] Sherlock [Holmes]. It’s not worth it,” one such viewer wrote, while another added, “I agree because if he was innocent he would be aggressively defending himself,” and yet a third alleged, “True, they don’t know what to say because they’ve been caught.”

Mariah Fernando
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Of course, this is the internet, so not everyone agreed. In fact, the reaction was split when it came to whether or not that one sentence could imply that the man has a guilty conscience, and some were even infuriated that Mariah Fernando had made such a blanket claim. “It doesn’t mean he’s cheating. It could mean he isn’t going to argue pointlessly with an insecure, childish person,” one retorted.

Another was quick to defend the sentence since it was a remark that they had uttered themselves. “I do this but not because I’m guilty [but because] I don’t have the energy to argue,” the commenter alleged, while a third suggested, “Get proof before you ever accuse anyone of cheating! One remark [as] proof is the most moronic thing ever.”

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Perhaps the most believable rebuttal claimed that this sentence was simply proof that the man had been “accused [of cheating] so many times he doesn’t care anymore.” Others seemed to agree, with one saying, “Not necessarily [true]. It could mean that no matter what evidence or explanation is given, the person won’t be believed.”

Some warned that this was a quick way to end a relationship whether infidelity had transpired or not. “It is what I would say and I’ve never been a cheater,” one commenter wrote before issuing what should be taken as a warning for others. “I am innocent unless proven otherwise, and at this point, I would end it because I won’t be with someone who doesn’t trust me.”

Mariah Fernando
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Regardless of whether or not the accusations of infidelity are grounded in fact or a figment of the accuser’s imagination, using any such “test” isn’t a promising sign for the future of the relationship. The only thing that is proven without a doubt, when such a “test” is applied, is that the relationship lacks trust, and trust is the foundation for a healthy and loving relationship. Without it, a relationship no longer feels safe, secure, or mutually satisfying.

So, if you are questioning your lover’s fidelity, you already have problems in your relationship, regardless of how he might respond. Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. Without it, you won’t be comfortable or secure with each other and the relationship will lack stability. In other words, it can’t survive in a healthy, happy way — and that’s what should really concern you the moment you start questioning whether or not your partner is cheating.