Woman Uses ‘Tampon Serial Numbers’ To Catch Cheating Boyfriend

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A 23-year-old woman has gone to bizarre lengths to uncover whether her boyfriend was cheating on her. In a viral video, she described herself as going “berserk” and “psycho” after she employed the use of tampons to snag a cheater.

Lois Saunder and boyfriend Finn (Credit: Instagram)

Lois Saunders, 23, took to TikTok to reveal she found the menstrual product alongside a tube of mascara stuffed under a closet in the college dorm room of her lover, Finn. “I’ve just found a tampon and a mascara under Finn’s wardrobe, and he’s in denial that he’s had a girl here,” Saunders states in the clip, which went viral on the social media site.

Determined to learn the truth, the British woman contacted tampon companies and shared screenshots of her correspondence with them in the TikTok clip. Eventually, she received a response.

Lois Saunders (Credit: TikTok)

“Hello. What is the code on the side of the individual tampon for?” Saunders asked in an email to P&G customer service. “I have a tampon with the code 93452080N2. It’s yellow; regular. Can you tell me when this was manufactured? … I am doing some investigation.”

A Tampax representative soon responded to Saunders’ email, writing: “Based on the code … the tampon was made December 11, 2019.” The rep added that the tampons do not have an official expiration date but have a shelf life of five years.

In a follow-up video, a relieved Saunders alerted her followers that the date of the tampon’s creation far preceded the date that Finn moved into his dorm room, and she was thus satisfied her man was in the clear. “DNA fibers from the mascara is the only next possible step,” a viewer jokingly quipped, mocking Saunders’ investigation.

The blonde-haired Brit also revealed that she had only recently begun seriously dating her beau, Finn, who must have been quite shocked that his girlfriend’s TikTok video had garnered over four million views. “We were just laughing about it together because it was a bit of a joke,” Saunders said.

Lois Saunders shared a screenshot of her correspondence with Tampax. (Credit: TikTok)

“He had obviously never swept under the wardrobe … I believe him. We are still together, and very happy!” she further declared. However, some of Saunders’ followers weren’t laughing at her behavior, with one even branding her a “borderline psycho.”

“Finn, run! Red flag!” one male viewer wrote. Another man commented: “There’s nothing that men hate more than a woman who not only doesn’t trust but then goes snooping. Because she has to be right.” A third bluntly stated: “This is why I’m gay.” A fourth person mused: ‘I’m not sure if this is genius or borderline psycho.”

Lois Saunders
Lois Saunders (Credit: Instagram)

However, there were thousands of other followers who were wowed by Saunders’ sleuthing. “If I ever get kidnapped, ask her to solve my case!” one impressed fan wrote. Another chimed in: “The lengths us girls go to. Men have no idea what we’re capable of. They could never.”

Saunders admitted she may have taken her sleuthing “too far,” but she added that it has not affected her relationship at all reporting the couple stayed together. “Meanwhile, some were left unsatisfied by Saunders’ detective work, claiming it did not necessarily absolve Finn of infidelity,” New York Post reported.

Lois Saunders
Lois Saunders and Finn (Credit: Instagram)

Following his girlfriend’s newfound internet popularity — which Saunder’s beau was still taking in and also made poor Finn the laughing stock of her 15-minutes of fame — it was too early to tell if the British couple would make it. Only time will tell.

Even in this internet world, most people still value privacy. Many people will agree, being the butt of a joke going viral is not the way to enhance your love life. Unless you value becoming internet famous, or should we say infamous? There is a lesson to be learned, and here’s hoping Lois Saunders’ instant fame doesn’t ruin what could have been a promising long-term love.