Texas Man Fatally Shoots Robber, Gets Charged With Murder

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When a customer saw a robber fighting a pair of women at a Family Dollar in Texas, he pulled out his legal firearm and killed the criminal with a single shot. However, instead of being hailed a hero, he was charged with murder.

Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson was charged with murder after fatally shooting a thief who was scuffling with a pair of women. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The incident began after a notorious shoplifter entered the Family Dollar located at 3200 S. Lancaster Road in Dallas, Texas. The thief, who was identified as 26-year-old Phillip Betts, was known to employees and had allegedly stolen from the store repeatedly.

A female assistant manager noticed Betts preparing to exit the store with unpaid items stuffed in his backpack and confronted him. When he again tried to leave, she snatched the bag of goods as Betts fled. Seconds later, Betts came back inside, intent on leaving with the items.

Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson (pictured) says he was “concerned for the safety” of two female employees who were engaged in a physical altercation with Phillip Betts. (Photo Credit: Dallas County Jail)

KDFW reports that Phillip Betts attacked the woman, prompting another female employee to step in. Despite their efforts, Betts continued his assault. He briefly stepped outside but returned, “striking her multiple times with his fists.” Another female employee “intervened by spraying Betts with mace and trying to get him to leave.”

At this point, 47-year-old Kevin Jackson, who has no connection to anyone in the store, walked inside and witnessed the attack. Believing the women to be in danger, he pulled out his legally owned firearm and ordered the women to move. He then fired a single shot, striking and killing Betts.

Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson ordered the women to move and fired a single shot, killing Phillip Betts. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Jackson remained at the scene until police arrived, telling officers that he was “concerned for the safety of the two women” and subsequently aimed for the attacker’s leg. Despite his explanation, he was led away in handcuffs and charged with murder.

According to the affidavit, surveillance footage captured Betts running toward the exit as the female employees accosted him. Documents allege that Jackson told them to move away just before he shot Betts. Police say it was for this reason that they arrested Jackson. No weapons were found on Betts.

“Just know that at the time of the shooting, there was no imminent danger for a deadly force confrontation. Not at this point,” said Dallas Police Sgt. Warren Mitchell.

Dallas Police Sgt. Warren Mitchell says security footage shows that the women were not in immediate danger. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Despite the evidence, criminal defense attorney Robert Rogers argued that Jackson should escape the charge. He argued that Jackson’s claim that he believed the women were in danger and that he didn’t intend to kill Betts was pertinent to the case.

“Just from looking at it, this guy was going about his business at the store and saw something that alarmed him, and he took action based on something that he really perceived was necessary at that time,” Rogers said. “Based on the facts as I read them in this affidavit, I believe that’s a clear robbery where the person is starting to use force to enable him to complete the offense of theft.”

The incident points a spotlight on the problem of growing criminal activity and the dilemma it poses for employees and citizens. The area has been plagued by violent crime, and locals are desperate for a solution.