VIDEO: ‘Weed Smoking’ Girls Viciously Attack Security Guard In Hotel

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Disturbing video footage recorded at an Atlanta hotel will leave you wondering what is wrong with some of today’s youth after a gang of “weed smoking” girls viciously attacked a security guard.

Hyatt Place Hotel in downtown Atlanta (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Hyatt Place Hotel in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, was the scene of a vicious assault that was caught on video after a gang of “weed smoking” girls physically assaulted a hotel security officer, the Daily Mail reported. He was viciously attacked for trying to stop them from boarding the elevator.

The disturbing assault allegedly began after the security guard approached the group of young women, who were reportedly smoking marijuana outside the hotel on the patio. The male security guard told Atlanta Police that he asked the girls for their room number. When they refused to answer, he asked them to leave, according to CBS 46, and that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

Hyatt Place Hotel
Two women began beating the security officer. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Rather than comply with the security officer’s request, the girls rushed the sliding doors, pushed through the entrance, and tried to make their way past the guard and into the four-star hotel without providing information as to whether they were staying there or visiting someone, according to The Blaze.

The “ladies” then tried to hurry onto the elevator, but the security officer tried to block their way, WGNO reported. What happened next was captured on video, which quickly went viral as the shocking footage left viewers wondering what in the world is wrong with some people. Watch:

After the security officer refused to let the gang of girls gain access to the guest elevator at Hyatt Place Hotel, a wild brawl ensued as the females — who were accompanied by a group of men — launched a merciless attack on the guard, beating him relentlessly. As the man is brutally assaulted, the crowd eggs on the violence.

Video shows the unnamed male security guard refusing to allow the women to board the elevator and shouting, “No!” The women, however, refused to listen. As they tried to push past him, the security officer is seen pushing at least one woman out of the way, trying to keep her away from the elevator doors. This is the moment things go from bad to worse.

Hyatt Place Hotel
Two women mercilessly beat the security officer. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As things quickly head South, the unidentified woman cocks her arm back and lets her fist fly, pummeling the guard in his head repeatedly. One of her friends isn’t far behind as she also enters the melee. The second woman, wearing light blue jeans and a blue hoodie, begins punching the guard in the face, eventually causing him to fall backward, onto a chair. The attack doesn’t stop, though, as the two females continue to throw blow after blow.

All the security officer can do is try to shield himself from the fury of fists raining down on his head as he demands the women stop hitting him. He’s seen turning his body to stop the flailing fists connecting with his face, but the assailants refuse to stop and continue to punch him over and over again as their cohorts encourage them. The guard holds his hands out to defend himself, but nothing seems to deter his attackers, who continue hitting him.

Hyatt Place Hotel
Onlookers appear amused. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

In addition to the beating, the women yell in his face and at least one blonde joins in on the verbal assault. The men in the group, who are nearby, refuse to intervene on the security officer’s behalf. Instead, they are heard laughing at the women and their antics, and they even cheer them on. One amused man is caught on the video, holding his cell phone up, capturing footage for himself as a big smile spreads across his face. Rather than being bothered, the group seems entertained.

That is perhaps the most disturbing part of the entire ordeal. No one was shocked, upset, or concerned. Instead, this was fun and exciting. Rather than try to stop it, they encouraged it. It was a good time for this group of miscreants. To them, this was an acceptable way to handle conflict, and this is exactly what’s wrong with the world today. It’s time our society, including our youth and young adults, returns to finding such incidents abhorrent because they are. This isn’t acceptable, and those, who think it is, need to be taught otherwise.