Wrong Place! Veteran Takes Down Knife-Wielding Man In Walmart

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There’s a time and a place for everything. There’s also a wrong place and wrong crime, as one man learned the hard way when he brandished a knife at a Walmart and threatened employees and shoppers. He soon found himself being taken down by a veteran, and luckily for us, it was all caught on video.

Demario Davis
Demario Davis (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Demario Davis, a United States veteran, was shopping with his son at a South Carolina Walmart on a Wednesday afternoon when a man caught his attention. The guy was shouting and waving around a pocket knife inside the store in the city of Columbia, the NY Post reported. As the knife-wielding man threatened to cut people, including female employees, Davis’s military training kicked in, and he decided it was time to intervene.

“I was at the checkout when my son noticed the guy walk in with the knife open. He then proceeded to the service desk waving the knife at a few female employees. They took off running from the guy. I then asked a female employee where is security and she stated she was security,” Davis explained. That’s when Davis decided to make his way toward the knife-wielding man, who then threatened shoppers and staff with bodily harm.

Demario Davis said his military training kicked in when he saw a man waving a knife and threatening people in a Walmart. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“As I’m walking towards the area where the gentleman waving the knife is terrorizing other customers and employees, he yelled out, ‘When the cops get here I’m going to start cutting you all up,'” Davis recalled. “Another customer tried to subdue the gentleman waving the knife, but the guy tried to cut him in the face. That’s when my military training kicked in,” the veteran continued.

Trying to utilize what was available to him, Davis walked over and grabbed a stanchion. “I casually walked over to the object not only to take him down but also [to] protect myself in case I failed, but with my great military training I was able to neutralize the threat until law enforcement arrived,” Davis told Fox News. Indeed, the veteran didn’t hesitate, whacking the suspect over the head from behind with the barrier pole, and luckily for us, it was all caught on video.

“My first instinct was to neutralize the situation so I just casually walked over and waited until I had an opportunity to get him and I got him, I guess,” Davis said before going on to explain why he felt compelled to act. “I’m a community person, so if I see something in the community that’s not right, with all the violence and things and attacks going on, gun violence you know, you want your people in the community to step up as well. The cops can’t do it all by themselves,” he said.

Demario Davis has since been hailed a hero for dropping the knife-wielding man to the ground and causing him to lose grip of his weapon before he was able to harm anyone. “I have received so many heartfelt comments and compliments from civilians and veterans all over for my brave act and quick response,” Davis said as he spoke to reporters about the incident.

After the man fell to the ground, dropping the knife, another customer stood over him and quickly scooped up the weapon. Other customers were then able to keep him down until deputies with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department responded to the call. According to the sheriff’s office, RCSD’s Crisis Intervention Team assessed the man and decided to take him to the hospital for evaluation, WIS-TV reported.

While it is always risky to intervene when someone appears unhinged, is armed, and is threatening harm, Demario Davis was right. The cops can’t do it all by themselves. They can’t be everywhere all the time. Luckily, they don’t have to be when there are brave civilians ready to take action when necessary. Davis deserves the praise he is getting. After all, not everyone has such a strong sense of community in today’s world. Job well done, sir.