Man Raped And Killed Baby, Graphic Image Of Prison Justice Surfaces

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Prison justice is devoid of due process, but even the most politically correct people seem to discover their inner vigilante when it comes to those who harm children. After an image emerged purporting to show what fellow inmates did to a man who raped and killed a baby, a debate was sparked over whether the actions were justified. Did the child killer get what he deserved? Look for yourself and decide.

Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier Raped & Killed Baby, Gets Brutal Prison Justice
Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier (Photo Credit: LiveLeak)

Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier, a 25-year-old Brazilian Gracie Barra competitor and professional jiu-jitsu instructor, was jailed after being accused in the rape and death of baby Miguel Estrela, his one-year-old stepson. After the child was repeatedly raped, beaten, and abused, Baby Miguel was hospitalized with injuries that pointed to his stepfather.

Reportedly, Gabrielle Estrella, Miguel’s mother, had left her child with Xavier. Shortly after, he called to say that the boy was having convulsions and claimed that he had fallen. The two took the baby to the hospital. Although doctors were initially told that the victim had been dropped, the injuries were not consistent with a fall, so staff alerted the Brazilian authorities.

Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier Raped & Killed Baby, Gets Brutal Prison Justice
Gabrielle Estrela and Baby Miguel (Photo Credit: Facebook via CB Cities)

“The traumatic action was overwhelming and the force exerted was very great. Only a person with great bearing and knowledge of techniques, such as the stepfather, who was a jiu-jitsu fighter, would know how to give,” the 38th DP delegate Tania Soares said, according to a translation by Google of the foreign news outlet Globo. “The child also had a fissure in the anus.”

Sadly, the infant died two days after being hospitalized. Xavier did not attend the child’s funeral. Quickly, the stepfather had become the prime suspect since his version of events contradicted the findings of medical professionals and investigators. He was also determined to be the only person who had been in contact with the child.

Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier Raped & Killed Baby, Gets Brutal Prison Justice
Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier (Photo Credit: Facebook via CB Cities)

Xavier was jailed after he eventually turned himself in with the help of his lawyer, allegedly claiming that he was possessed by demons when he committed the crime. While behind bars, Xavier faced real demons when he became a target of other inmates who viciously attacked and tortured him while he was being held in the Brazilian prison, according to Daily Mail. Xavier was stabbed in the back by fellow convicts and raped repeatedly by as many as 20 inmates after details of his crimes spread through the prison in Taguatinga.

Soon, a graphic image emerged online, claiming to show the aftermath of the prison justice Xavier received during his initial 30-day incarceration as he waited for hearing before a presiding judge, according to AnonHQ. After being raped by an estimated 20 prisoners, Xavier had injuries all over his body, the most serious of which were in the anal region. But, the worst was yet to come. As reported by Inquisitr, the inmates were still furious about the crime he committed, so they “tore apart the stitches that he received and raped him again. The blood stains on the rear of the short of the young man are proof of how much he suffered.”

Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier Raped & Killed Baby, Gets Brutal Prison Justice
An unconfirmed image that emerged online claiming to be Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier (Photo Credit: LiveLeak)

While some criticize the acts as “uncivilized” and claim that Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier should never have been reintroduced into the general prison population after the first assault, many have chosen to celebrate the rape of the child rapist and killer as the image purporting to show his injuries began to circulate online. According to Inquisitr, this animosity is likely fueled by the public’s perception that our justice systems all too often coddle criminals.

Sadly, there are plenty of examples across the globe of heinous predators getting a slap on the wrist after harming children in unimaginable ways. Although there doesn’t seem to be a punishment harsh enough for those who prey on children, some are downright so paltry that it’s infuriating. Perhaps, if the courts would give stiffer sentences to such monsters, fellow inmates wouldn’t be so inclined to seek vigilante justice behind bars. Or, perhaps, this is just what they deserve — a heavy dose of karma in the worst imaginable way. You decide. In the case of this child killer raped by inmates, was this true justice?