Costco Cake Decorator’s Epic Fail Leaves Customers Puzzled: ‘Can’t Stop Laughing!’

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After a Costco customer gave “exact” instructions, explaining how to decorate their cake, they couldn’t believe the finished product when they saw it. The cake decorator’s epic fail was so hilarious, it had to be shared.

Stock image of a Costco for visual representation only. (Credit: YouTube)

When submitting a custom order for anything, it’s always best to provide as much detail as you can to avoid any confusion. It’s important to be very specific. It’s even better if you can provide a photo or sketch of your idea for reference. However, even that isn’t foolproof as one Costco customer found out when this strategy turned their custom cake order into something much different than what they had envisioned.

A Reddit user, posting via r/mildlyInfuriating, “shared how the supermarket giant got their order completely wrong despite them being very clear about what they wanted. Perhaps a little TOO clear, the New York Post reported.

“Costco will give you exactly what you know you didn’t need,” the post read.

Costco cake
The Costco customer provided a detailed description. (Credit: Screenshot)

According to the Reddit post, the Costco customer was very specific about their order. They not only filled in all the relevant categories on the cake order form but even provided a sketch of how they expected the cake to look.

“No writing / no designs,” was scribbled alongside the picture. “Only request red frosting on the perimeter for top/bottom.”

Hoping nothing would be lost in translation, the customer also crossed out the cake design section of the form with a large “x” and the word “none.” Unfortunately for the customer, the decorator took the info way too literally, offering up a very plain white cake with an image of the diagram in the center of it.

Costco cake
Costco’s cake decorator took the sketch literally. (Credit: Screenshot)

Costco’s cake decorator didn’t understand the assignment, delivering an epic fail rather than the desired design, but at least the post generated a lot of laughs as many were in stitches over the order. Some took the side of the decorator, saying they followed the order rather well:

“The good news is they did read both pages of instructions,” one person wrote.

“Honestly, I’m pretty impressed by how close the drawing is to the figure you drew,” another shared.

Others joined in, offering “kudos” to the decorator for matching the design on the cake to the customer’s drawing “exactly.” While cake disasters make for a good laugh, could you imagine if it’s your wedding cake that misses the mark? That’s exactly what happened to one bride named Taylor Hunt, according to Cafe Mom. It was so bad, the newlywed took to TikTok to share her wedding cake gone wrong.

Bride Taylor Hunt shared her wedding cake disaster (Credit: Screenshot)

Taylor had planned a beautiful wedding, but it took a turn for the hilarious as soon as she saw her wedding cake. The bride and groom had picked a simple but elegant buttercream cake with “Amore” written in cursive on the side. It sounded like it would be gorgeous and exactly what they wanted. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

“I got married last week and it was perfect it all went great, except for this one thing,” Taylor recalled in a TikTok video.  “The [bakers] were like ‘Yep, easy,'” she recalled.

Like all wedding days, Taylor’s was busy, and no one in the bridal party thought to check the cake once it was delivered. Since the baker had said the cake would be “easy,” they likely thought there wasn’t a reason to be concerned. Taylor would eventually discover that things hadn’t gone according to plan.

“We didn’t have an official cake-cutting moment … thank God! Because this is the cake we got,” Taylor giggled in her TikTok video before revealing what had been delivered.


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The cake was not frosted in buttercream. Instead, it was naked. Making matters worse, it was also crooked, but that’s not all. Rather than having “Amore” scrolled across the side, a chipped chocolate disc on top proclaimed “My Darling.” As one would imagine, the comments section exploded with reactions that ran the gamut of emotions as friends and family left shocked remarks.

Luckily, the bride was resourceful. Tayler said that damage control was “swift.” In addition, their baker was lucky that the newlyweds were blessed with a sense of humor because when the baker was texted a picture of the confectionery that was delivered, they claimed it was “the right cake, they just missed some details.” I’d say that’s putting it mildly.