Robber Chokes Woman In Front Of Her Son, Police Follow Trail Of Blood

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After robbing a pharmacy, a criminal entered a pizzeria and began choking the female employee. Her 14-year-old son was nearby, and police would soon be following a trail of blood.

Bold Pizza Shop
Police are crediting a 14-year-old boy with saving his mother’s life during a violent robbery at Bold Pizza Shop. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Philadelphia police say that after three men robbed a CVS pharmacy, one of the suspects headed to a nearby pizzeria. WPVI reports that the man walked into Bold Pizza Shop at 15th and Spring Garden and reached over the counter in an attempt to steal cash from the register. It was then that a physical struggle with the worker ensued.

When it comes to self-defense, one can never be too prepared. Of course, this applies to all regardless of gender, status, or age. Luckily, when a woman found herself the victim of such a scenario, even her own child proved to be capable of fending off a dangerous suspect.

Officers say that a robber began to strangle a female Bold Pizza Shop employee when her 14-year-old son grabbed a handgun from under the counter and shot him in the face. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The suspect “started to strangle” the female employee, leaving her at the mercy of the ruthless offender, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Fortunately, her 14-year-old son was in the shop and knew exactly what to do during such an event.

Investigators say that the boy grabbed a handgun from under the counter, aimed at the suspect, and shot the offender in the face as the man was choking his mother. Thanks to the teen’s quick thinking and steady hand, he not only saved his mother but taught the criminal a valuable lesson.

Bold Pizza Shop
Detectives followed a trail of blood from Bold Pizza Shop. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although the suspect tried to flee, he didn’t get very far due to the seriousness of his wound. It was only a matter of time before police arrived on the scene to find a trail of blood leading from the pizza shop to the Broad Street Line’s Spring Garden stop, where several witnesses told them that a man was bleeding from his face. Officers soon found and arrested the 33-year-old suspect attempting to board the subway. He was rushed to Jefferson Hospital, where he was placed in critical condition.

“There was money on the floor and there was also some broken glass inside the store, and there was also a large amount of blood,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. “From following the trail of blood, we also found some cash in the subway where the victim was found.”

It doesn’t appear that police are going to bring charges against the teen for the shooting. Additionally, officers confirmed that the handgun used to stop the violent suspect was legally registered to the teen’s father.

The suspect was rushed to Jefferson Hospital empty-handed and in critical condition. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Police believe that the 33-year-old suspect and two accomplices are responsible for the robbery of a CVS just moments before the shooting. Pharmacy employees reported that three men entered and demanded cash from the register. When the cashier told them she couldn’t open the registers without a code, one of the men threatened to shoot her.

A second man reportedly pulled a register out and threw it to the ground. However, authorities say that nothing was taken, and the robbers walked away empty-handed before one of the suspects decided to head to the nearby pizza shop.

Bold Pizza Shop
Police do not appear to be pursuing charges against the boy, who has been hailed a hero for saving his mother’s life. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The scenario highlights the necessity of arming and training oneself for dangerous situations. Because these parents had properly trained their child, the teen was completely capable of protecting not only himself but also his mother.

Self-defense isn’t just for professionals. Everyone has the right and responsibility to defend themselves and their loved ones. Thankfully, this family took the appropriate steps to ensure that every one of them was well prepared for such an event.