‘The View’ Ticks Off Tucker Carlson: ‘This Will Be A Better Country’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at the hosts of “The View.” He claimed they went too far this time.

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson (Credit: YouTube)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the “liberal media” during a segment of his cable news show which is one of the most watched in primetime averaging around 3 million viewers. According to Yahoo News, Carlson broke the record for the most-watched cable news program in US history in April 2020, cracking more than 4.5 million viewers on average for that quarter.

During a segment of his show covering the fallout from hurricane season, Carlson claimed that “everything in this country is intensely politicized.” For one of his examples, Carlson turned to The View on ABC after the hosts made some remarks that caused the conservative newsman to allege they had gone too far.

Whoopi Goldberg (Credit: Screenshot)

The segment in question shows Whoopi Goldberg discussing how Gov. Ron DeSantis was preparing for Hurricane Ian, which was a category 4 storm that hit Florida. “Even as bodies were still being identified in the streets of Florida,” Carlson began. “The View, which is apparently still on the air, mocked the people of Florida for daring to ask for disaster relief money from the federal government.”

The FNC host then played the clip for his audience. “Gov. DeSantis says it’s all hands on deck to prepare for what’s coming,” Goldberg said in the video. “And that includes reaching across the aisle for help.” That’s when Joy Behar cheekily said, “Isn’t it socialism when the government helps you? Yeah, and the fire department’s gotta come, and the police. I mean…socialism!”

Tucker Carlson claims Joy Behar “mocked” Floridians. (Credit: Screenshot)

After Carlson played the clip from The View, he reacted. “Oh, so clever. What an incisive point,” he said about Goldberg and Behar’s statements. “[My] show is totally against censorship or de-platforming or pulling anyone off the air,” he declared. “And we are certainly not calling for that in the case of The View. But just as an objective matter, when that show dies, a well-deserved death and is gone and forgotten, this will be a better county. That is just true.”

Carlson wasn’t finished blasting the hosts of the ABC talk show. “So, consider what you just saw,” he said. “A hurricane devastates Florida, kills Americans, and the reaction of the morons on The View is to laugh at them. To mock the people who are suffering. And while they’re doing this, they claim it’s really coming from a place of compassion. They’re laughing at people who are dying because they’re better than you. See how that works?”

Tucker Carlson’s spot as one of the most watched primetime news shows has a downside and has garnered accusations that he’s a white supremacist and a Russian propagandist. Carlson, who founded The Daily Caller, went on the record to dispel those allegations.

“First of all, I’m a Christian, so I think God made everybody. And therefore everyone has equal value in his eyes,” Carlson said. “The essential value of every person is the same. But the idea that I harbor some kind of deep racial animus, it’s like — I think there are a lot of criticisms you could level at me — sometimes I overstate the case, I get pissed, I can be very nasty … I mean if you were to look at my texts, or listen to my personal conversations, or read my mind, you would find no instance where I’m like, ‘I’m mad at Black people.'”

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson sat down for an in-depth interview in 2017 (Credit: YouTube)

“One hundred percent of the people that I’m mad at are well-educated white liberals,” he added. “In my mind, the archetype of person I don’t like is like a 38-year-old female white lawyer with a barren personal life. That’s who yells at me on airplanes.”

When Whoopi Goldberg called for Tucker Carlson’s arrest by alleging he was a foreign asset for Vladimir Putin, the conservative news anchor shot back. “When did they arrest people for saying stuff like this, and who is they exactly?” Carlson said. “So we are at war with Russia! We must send you to the gulag… because freedom!”